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What's your favorite protest song?

Asked by SuperMouse (30809points) August 15th, 2010

Inspired of course by this question, I ask, what is your favorite protest song? Mine is Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire.

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War pigs-Sabbath

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This is the most important one ever ;)

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I don’t know if it counts as a protest song, but In the Year 2525 by Zager and Evans is pretty badass.

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19 by Paul Hardcastle.
Was a bit late, though.

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You Haven’t Done Nothin’ – Stevie Wonder (ft. The Jackson 5)
Fight The Power! – The Isley Brothers

and uh,

Fight The Power – Public Enemy (who played Central Park today!)

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Ahhhhh I love Eve of Destruction!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure if this would count as a protest song, but what first came to mind was “Don’t call me nigger, whitey” by Sly.

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I would have to say either “Masters of War” or “Times They are a Changin’” by Bobby Dylan. Then there’s also Phil Och’s “Cops of the World” which is pretty damned good.

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@janbb speaking of Bob Dylan’s protest songs, I love A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, there is a special place in my heart for Edie Brickell’s version.

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Yup – that’s a good one too. And then there is also Pete Seeger’s “Waste Deep in the Big Muddy” which is a great song too.

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Frank Marino wrote a real moving song about soldiers who make that ultimate sacrifice for our safety and freedoms called Stories of a Young Man (has some killer guitar playing too)

The time has come
Said a young man to his bride
The train waits outside
And though I leave
You know I’ll keep you by my side
She holds on a final time
Soldier’s gone to war
Told her he’s comin’ home
Soldier’s gone to war
He’s gonna be a hero in his hometown, lord
She stands alone
On a platform lookin’ sad
He waves through a pane of glass
And though she hopes
He will be comin’ home at last
Her heart knows what’s gonna pass
Soldier has gone to war
Don’t know it, but he ain’t comin’ home no more
Soldier has gone to war
He’s gonna be known as a hero in his hometown, lord
Soldier’s gone to war
Told her he’s comin’ home
Soldier has gone to war
He’s gonna be known as a hero in his hometown, lord
The paper falls to the floor from a trembling hand
The words they burn to the soul
And though she cries, she doesn’t really understand
The world’s gone so cold
Soldier went to war
Told her he’d be comin’ home
Soldier went to war
Gonna be a big hero in his hometown, lord
And the stories tell of bravery, yeah
He was golden as the sun
Well he fought for you and he fought for me, yeah
And he died for everyone
Stories of a hero
Stories of a hero
Well it seems as though the world ain’t changed
It goes on and on for years
When men must die to be called brave
To earn respect among their peers
Stories of a hero
Stories of a hero

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