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Why am I craving fattening foods?

Asked by Pandora (29751points) August 15th, 2010

I’ve been working out a lot lately. Feeling good but, I suddenly feel a craving for fattening foods. I never had much of a sweet tooth, and the thought of greasy or fatty foods make me nauseous. Nothing I normally eat seems to satisfy me. Its getting really hard not ignore cravings for sweets. Fruits are just not cutting it. Its not that I’m on a diet. I continue to eat what I normally eat. I’ve had cravings for foods that I may be lacking in but I don’t understand why this craving for fats, when I don’t like them?
I’ve never had this happen to me before when I would work out.
Can it be because of the work out. Maybe a need for fats for energy? Or is it simply its different because I’m getting older?

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I’m the same way but it comes in waves. I normally don’t eat many fatty foods. I don’t even remember the last time I drank soda. But every few months I find myself craving them so badly I would go down on a aircraft carrier for a bagel with mountains of cream cheese on it.

I started getting the cravings around when I turned 30. From about 25 to to thirty I didn’t really eat candy and I only ate fried foods out of convenience. Even now I only eat fast food once or twice a month.

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Who knows? The only thing that matters is that you don’t eat it.

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it varies with everyone really, whether your body is depleted of a certain nutrient,
or there is some hormonal/ age aspect involved…..

However as far as energy goes,
the body uses carbohydrates as the first source of energy,
so I doubt the cravings are for that reason, however-
the body does need some fat… try foods that provide “good” fats,
these benefit your body, and may help with the cravings.

Foods like avocados, and most nuts are examples of “good” fats.
You could also take fish oil supplement which give you good fats….

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I think this could be your ‘food desire syndrome’. I used to eat lots of blueberry cakes,I’ve stopped eating that food for years,and now I somehow ‘miss’ that food and want to eat it again. You probably just missed some food that you haven’t eaten for a long time.

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@boxer3 I am currently taking fish oil supplements. The peanuts is a good idea. As for energy, I do have plenty and although carbs are one of my favorites, I don’t seem to want it right now. Maybe it is the lack of carbs my body is really missing and not eating as much of it just leaves me wanting something else. I know part of it may be that I’m thirsty so much from the work outs that I fill my stomach with a lot of water, just to quench my thirst.
@Doctor_D Didn’t even consider it but you may be right. Forgot that just a few weeks ago I also had cravings for red meat. Usually I like it well cooked but I found medium was just perfect. A big steak was as good as any sweet at the time. I’m not a big red meat eater as well but I ate my fill for about a week and the craving was gone. Then I was fine for a few weeks and now its sweets and fast food that I crave. Maybe if I eat peanuts like @boxer3 suggested, I may feel satisfied.
I have stayed away from greasy foods because my stomach gets very upset otherwise. As for sweets, that has always been a craving that comes and goes in little waves. Actually its not all sweets but pineapple flavored sweets I crave. I tried eating and drinking pinapple but that doesn’t seem to work. So thats why I figure I may be craving the sugar.
Thank you both. Gives me something to think about. :D

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Maybe you aren’t eating enough carbs to supply energy for the increased exercise.

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@perspicacious I’m starting to think that may be the case, except I don’t lack energy. Could be its just a coincidence that all this mess started when I started to really work out. Or working out is just throwing my body out of wack. Either way, I hope to get past this. If I give into the fat craving than it will upset my stomach and you can forget working out after that. I’ll be nausea all day. I have to be careful what I eat or my acid reflux will make me regret it all day long. Its just not worth the trouble or the pain if it gets really bad.
I’ll try some carbs tomorrow, like a baked potato and see if that works.

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My wife is a dietitian and has me eating 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. A joke that I like to tell is: “It is not that eating all those 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetable is so good for you, it is just that your are so stuffed that you don’t feel like eating junk food”. HA!
I’m preparing for the Portland marathon on 10–10-10 to try to qualify for Boston 2011. I’m running/jogging 50 miles a week now (plus my triathlon training) and so I know how you feel. Sometimes I want to eat about anything in sight just to fill up my belly. My wife knows that I cheat a little but I always eat what she presents to me (I’m 5’ 11”, 155 lbs and eat 2,200 to 2,500 calories/day).

Whole grain carbs are very good for you. We eat a lot of brown rice and whole grains. Our diet is moderately high in protein, low salt and low fat and moderate amount of sugars (mostly from fruit)

Good health and physical fitness to you!

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Another good idea. Wow, I’m impressed that you can survive on that many low calories at your height and with the miles you run every week. I can only average about 10 miles a week. Isn’t that a bit low for a guy who is working out as much as you?
I would probably eat my arm if I was you. LOL

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10 Miles a week is great! Keep it up! Make it a routine that you do for the rest of your life. Also don’t forget to do other forms of exercise in order to maintain a more overall physical fitness. My calorie intake was calculated by my wife but I think that is consume more.

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Actually, I asked my husband and he said when he was a drill instructor that 2500 was the norm for recruits in training. Except in the winter months it went up to 3200 for cold weather training. Of course the training is only for 3 months so I don’t know if that would work in the long run.
When he was training to be a swim instructor he had to eat a ton of carbs for energy. He doesn’t remember what was the calorie intake at the time. I don’t think they counted any, but I remember him eating all day long. He really got thin even though he was eating all the time. He was swimming 8 hours a day.
After he became an instructor he still would have to do drills but they were only 2 hours a day vice 8, so he wasn’t eating as much carbs and his weight stabalized. He reminded me of a cow when training. He was constantly grazing.

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glad to help, let us know how it goes :]

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@boxer3 So far so good. I had some carbs today and I had twice the energy and no cravings. I had so much energy that I actually just came from working out for the second time today. Just felt I needed to burn it up a little before bed time or I will have a hard time sleeping.
Still feel really good. I guess I just needed some good old fashion carbs. Just have to remember to work out harder on the days I do have carbs. But I feel so happy that I was able to eat and feel satisfied. I really appreciate all the advice given.
I also bought some peanuts today in case I get the munchies. So far, I didn’t need it. But it is a great idea for a pick me up.

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@Pandora that’s fantastic!

However, you should have some carbs every day- I’m not talking loaves of bread,
but fruits and veggies, things of that nature: the more energy you have (derived from carbs), the more efficient your work out will be.
When you fuel your body the way its designed to be fueled, your lean body mass, and energy levels will continues to flourish!

Keep up the good work :]

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It is the white carbs or those made from processed foods such as bread regardless of the color and the foods which are themselves processed such as rice. I have much more energy if I avoid those and stick with fruit, veg and protein. Although for our evening meal I will throw in a small portion of sweet potato, basmati rice, pasta or a piece of home made bread, when I feel like making it!

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