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Is it true that sheep is the dumbest creature from all?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) August 15th, 2010

I have seen some movie and books and they said that sheep is the dumbest creature from all creature,or at least from all warm-blooded creature. They will not scream for help while they’re attacked,they won’t try to attack their predators,they will remain silent and will not fight while they’re eaten alive by predators,etc. Unlike sheep,goats,as their close cousin will do the opposite behaviors.

Can someone enlighten me about this simple matter?

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Turkeys are dumber than sheep. They will open their beaks to drink rain drops and drown.

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“Dumbest mammal” certainly fits with what I’ve heard. It is something of a joke among some Christians that we (that is, people in general) are likened to sheep in Scripture for precisely these reasons, which is why a shepherd is so very, very important.

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@josie I’ve never heard that before,but that’s quite insightful.

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I don’t know about them being dumb, but they sure are tasty.

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We have sheep and they know their names. Boo-ya haters.

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Sheep may be like that, but their wild ancestors weren’t. As people domesticated them, they selected for breeding the ones most suited to being kept by humans – some because they were meaty and tasty, some because they had very soft wool, but they were also bred to be docile. If sheep are pretty dumb, we have only ourselves to thank.

This often happens when something is domesticated – it takes a lot of the wildness right out. (Look what it did for us – now we voluntarily sit in cubicles all day and most of us are even nice about yielding in traffic, not killing the neighbor’s noisy baby, and eating what is supplied to us by the farmers.)

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Sheep and turkeys, yep they are stupid.

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@laureth Plus, we obediently let the government take up to half of what we produce before we even see it. Which means we are not much smarter than a sheep or a turkey.

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In line with what @laureth said, I wonder if wild sheep behave the same way. I also wonder how sheep species are distinguished from goat species.

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No dumber than us humans at times.
See @laureth & @josie

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@Seek_Kolinahr Thank you. I just flagged that person. Some people really like to upset me but I just don’t have enough spirit to play with them.

@LostInParadise As @laureth said,I think domestication has changed some traits of our domesticated sheep. This is what make sheep different than goat.

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@josie Domesticated turkeys are pretty dumb, but wild ones are quite intelligent.

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No, humans are.

don’t buy into the hype . . . we’re idiots

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Again, tonight is all about googling for me, so how about this one: Sheep are not dumb, they just have different priorities

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I surmise that the dumbest creatures are basically protozoa because they only have one cell, and since most brains are multicellular, they basically don’t have brains, except for whatever gives them the ability to sense light and other basic phenomena.

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Agree with @Blondesjon (it’s some kind of miracle).

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Who is the dumbest creature? My cat will scratch on a window for 20 minutes before giving up and going to sleep. Meanwhile, I stand there watching.

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Nay, it is just old folk tales. Some say pig is the stupidest, but pig can be trained to do things which surprise humans.

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Maybe they figure they don’t have a chance and what would be the difference. Death at the jaws of an animal or death at the hands of the human animal. So why fight whats waiting around the corner.

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Nope, that title goes to you humans.
You will never see sheep wage bloody wars against each other.

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As a psychologist, I am aware of the human potential for intelligent behaviour. As a student of human history, I am not so impressed with humans’ track record in living up to their potential.

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Sloths are pretty dumb.

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Maybe they’re not “dumb”, just resigned.

I was just thinking about this when I caught the video for “Float On” last week. Poor sheepies…poor, poor sheepies. I hope they are clueless.

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i dont think that sheep are dumb i believe that all mammals have a certain level of intelligence maybe the sheep are more docile ive never heard of a sheep attacking anybody or anything have you??

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