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What are some dorm room must-haves?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) August 15th, 2010

My son’s move in day is six days away. What does he need to take? What can he leave at home? His school will be 70 miles from home.

He already has a mini-fridge and microwave.

I just know I’m forgetting that one little thing, so I’m hoping someone will remind me.

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Flat screen T.V. Sheets, comforter, garbage can, pillow, stereo system, just to name a few thiings.
added: Towels, wash cloths.
P.S. It will be ok. He will be fine and so will you.

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Being a recent graduate I know that a dorm room needs: a fridge, microwave, shelf of some sort, posters, couch, computer speakers, Bose headphones to silent hall noises when trying to study, and obviously the essentials.

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Lots of microwavable ramen soup. :))
Or any other microwavable soup. He may need something to tie him over when he gets the munchies late at night and the cafateria is closed and he’s broke.

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Depending on the orientation of the dorm room and the strength of the air conditioning: a fan or two (large one that can be propped in an open window and a small oscillating one) and maybe some aluminum foil…

I was able to grab myself a single in the graduate dorm (PEACE!) as a senior undergrad. The room was south-facing and had small semi-transparent windows set above the main window that lacked curtains. These would let in sunlight all day and heated the room something fierce all year long. I eventually covered them over with aluminum foil. Problem solved!

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Write his name in indelible ink on all of his clothing items, including on the toes of his socks, so that when he walks around the dorm without shoes on he will look like a total dork.

Oh wait. That was me.

Does he have 90 pairs of underwear? This will solve the laundry problem.

@jonsblond, I kid, but really the answer is that undoubtedly you and hubby are wonderful parents and your even if you forget something it will enrich your son’s experience with living somewhat independently. Let it be. ;-)

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1. A small sewing kit.
2. Some instant iron-on hemming tape.
3. Two mugs.
4. Small coffee maker and/or electric kettle.
5. Two plates
6. Forks, knives, spoons, (two of each)
7. Teas, hot chocolate, coffee, coffee creamer
8. Package of Baby Wipes (which you can use for spills, stains, etc)
9. Pair of scissors.
10. Masking tape and cello/Scotch tape.
11. Liquid Paper
12. Extra shoelaces for gym shoes and dress shoes
13. Assorted buttons (for shirts, etc)
14. Aspirin/Ibuprofen
15. Bach’s “Rescue Remedy” for pre-test nerves (all natural product)
16. Ben-Gay or linament for sprains
17. Band-Aids (called “Plasters” in the UK)
18. Tweezers
19. Nail clippers
20. Air freshener (it gets a bit rank at times) or incense
21. An extension cord or extension strip
22. Towels/Washrags
23. Pillow/Duvet/Sheets
24. Small study lamp
25. Calendar with large blocks (to mark tests/study dates)
26. A laundry bag (for dirty laundry)
27. A portable small iron
28. A blow dryer (?)
29. Shaving foam, razors
30. Batteries for camera/phone
31. Laundry soap to do washables in sink
32. Small bottle of “Dawn” dish detergent which you can use to put on immediately when something gets stained (takes it out when you wash) and also to use for dishes

Hmm…..did I forget anything? :)

Oh, yes…just read it above…A FAN! Definitely…A FAN!

(Yes, I was a Girl Scout…yes, I am always prepared….:)

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Microwavable ramen and foil. That’s what I’m talking about! He loves ramen. Thanks everyone. :)

someone help @kevbo hit that 20K. If anyone deserves it, he does. :D

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Seconds @DarlingRhadamanthus on:

Liquid Paper! (Buy it new as the stuff around the house has probably caked up or will shortly!) Extra shoelaces! Portable clothes iron!

Adds: Polypropylene underwear and full face mask for those unavoidable long walks on campus with sub-zero wind chill.

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Duct tape, bottle opener, rubber band ball, various size binder clips (can be used for chip bags too), push pins, whiteboard/corkboard combo, hammer, screwdrivers (both kinds), xacto knife, surge protector, fire extinguisher, deck of cards, batteries.

First Aid kit – buy a sewing kit and throw in the following:
Vaseline, bandages (various sizes and shapes), ace bandages, surgical tape, superglue, cotton balls, gauze, rubbing alcohol, instant ice pack, instant heat pack, caffeine pills, benadryl, ibprofen, Tums, pepto bismal, imodium, dayquill.

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@hiphiphopflipflapflop….Great stuff….! Didn’t think of the weather stuff, hip!
@papayalily…Thanks for adding to the first aid kit! Pepto-Bismol! Imodium! how could I forget such dorm essentials?!


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@DarlingRhadamanthus I’m extra uptight about my first aid. When I’m feeling, for no apparent reason, like I have no control over life and that a storm is coming, I go and buy first aid stuff. Then, I can relax in the knowledge that at least I can take care of minor physical ailments. :)

Personally, I’d throw in stuff like crutches and cash for a taxi ride to the ER, but really, I’ve never met anyone as uptight about first aid as me, and that includes hundreds of doctors. I’m basically always ready for The Hatchet.

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When I was in the dorms, I had a microwave and a hot pot.

I find hot pots comforting somehow.

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A bathrobe, a caddy for shampoo and soap, and some rubber flip-flops. The dorm showers down the hall are gross. You don’t want to step on the floor barefoot or leave your stuff there.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus funny, but this question made me think of all the times I was either way too hot or way too cold for comfort.

Seconds @Haleth on bathing/toiletries caddy and flip-flops. Hahaha. I went on a huge grooming kick as a college freshman. A classmate once remarked that he thought I parted my hair with the help of a laser. :D

Got extra towels you wouldn’t mind seeing ever again? Pack them off with him! :)

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dont forget that laundry bag for dirty clothes to bring home.

Maybe a money card, cash card, that can be prepaid for college students.

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school usually gives you a list, your bedding, tote to take things back n forth to showers and bathroom, laundry basket or bag. School will tell you who your room mate is so you can contact each other so you do not have 2 microwaves, fridge, etc. School will also tell you what comes with the room the bed is usually a single x-tra long matress, they take a specific size sheet. School usually sells a package for about $100.00 with sheets blanket pillow towel etc.

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@mollydrew We received a brochure for certain packages that we can buy for sheets and what not. (we can’t afford it at this time) Do you think a queen size fitted sheet will fit the extra long mattress? I know it won’t fit perfectly, but will it be long enough at least? I’m so glad you brought this up. I wanted to mention this in the details, but I forgot. Thank you!

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Mr. Coffee!

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—Food that is storable and easy to make
At least one set of dress clothes, who knows if/when he’ll need them, and it would be convenient to not have to go home and get some
—Cleaning supplies

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Be sure and take extension cords and surge protectors (there are never enough plugs unless the dorm is fairly new). Also, take origanization cubes.

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Thank you everyone! Move in day was a success, much thanks to everyone here for the reminders of what not to forget. He had everything he needed, but forgot to bring one item from home. His toothbrush! A quick trip to Walmart solved that problem.

I appreciate the help! :)

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