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What could you eat a whole jar, box, container, pan, and bag of?

Asked by Jude (32123points) August 15th, 2010

For each, I mean. I could eat a whole jar of… I could eat a whole box of….

Right now, I am craving chocolate like crazy, but, I told myself that I would be good and stay away. The thing with chocolate, if it’s anywhere with 30 feet of me, I’ll find it. My girlfriend said that she wants to buy a few Hersey bars, hide them (for fun) and see if I can find them. Isn’t she sweet? ~ ;-) She thinks that it’s cute and funny. I don’t. Just give me the damn chocolate. =D

So, what are favorites (weaknesses)? Oreo Double Stuff (a whole bag)? Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Icecream (a whole container)?

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“I could drink a case of you, darling, and you would still be on my mind, you would still be on my mind…”

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I love chocolate covered peanuts. (Not good for me). I can eat too many.

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Mozzarella sticks. Sooo good! I love cheese.

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Chips Ahoy’!

and they make them with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups now. I’m doomed.

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Mini pita bread pockets. I can eat bags of them without anything to dip or put in them.

Also, I can eat an entire box of those pre-made salads. No dressing. Just a lot of green!

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A pan full of brownies. In one setting.

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Jar of peanut butter . Box of caramel chocolates . Package of Resse’s PB cups . Tub of fully fat Cool Whip . Bag of popcorn . Container (shipping) of pepperoni pizza with extra cheese
Now I think I will be ill !

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A jar of peanut butter and a jar of blackberry jam together.
A box of maple almond granola.
A container of salad.
A pan of brownies with walnuts.
A bag of cherries or grapes.

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A jar of Nutella,

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I can, as @shego, eat a whole jar of Nutella (or two), a whole bag of Tostitos chips, a whole pint of Haagen Dasz ice cream.

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A whole bag of Your Peppermint Patties.

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What have I been known to scarf down in mass quantities….

I go through not less than eight cans of Pepsi a day

If I cook less than 1½ pounds of bacon, there is nothing left by the time I pull the las slice out of the frying pan

Cheese is generally dead in my presence. It’s rare that I eat less than three pounds of it a week. Mostly Colby-jack, though some Brie and Bleu, possibly some Gorg… This is accompanied by a lot if Triscuits.

Cool Ranch Doritos tend not to last long either.

My wife’s home-made mac and cheese. disappears by the quart.

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*York! Dammit.

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A jar of Peanut Butter & Co “Dark Chocolate Dreams” peanut butter.

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A pint of ice cream. Or a sleeve of Oreos.

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Fresh peaches, apricots, mangoes.

Give me something juicy, tangy and succulent and I can’t stop eating…

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For me, easier done than said!

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I could eat a whole tub/ jar of hummus. I love hummus with carrot/ celery sticks, or I eat it on really good multigrain or olive bread with fresh veggies on top, like green peppers, tomato, onion, avocado, and lettuce. Hummus is yummus!

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I can eat a huge bowl of popcorn.

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Vanilla wafers, ( well, maybe not the WHOLE box )

Chips and salsa…my weakness.

Peanut butter and celery

Tapioca pudding

Cornbread with butter and honey

Corn on the cob ( can eat at least 3–4 ears at a sitting )

Uh…must stop, bedtime, no bedtime snacks! lol

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something veggie-ish! If the vegetables are fried with nsima food from Zambia, which I haven’t ate now for like 7 months or so. I miss the food and home

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salads…..romaine or spinach

ben and jerry’s cherry garcia

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I could eat a whole bag of grapes. They are so addicting. Pistachios are very addicting as well.

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I could eat a whole jar of pickles, a whole box of cheez-its, a whole container of candy, a whole pan of peach cobbler and a whole bag of salt & vinegar chips.

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For me, I could eat a whole jar of dill pickles (or pickled eggs. Gross, I know), a whole box of Count Chocula, a whole pan of brownies, and a whole bag of Smart Popcorn (White Cheddar).

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Joyva Halvah !
I might have to buy one later today.

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This is really gross, but there’s a store nearby that has a salad of hot peppers, olives and vegtables. That’s my weakness, just stay way away from me for a while after I finish.

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A box of Girl Scout mint cookies. Nibble off a bit, dunk it in a glass of milk, and I find nirvana.

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I could eat a whole jar of pickles, box of cheeze-its, container of soy milk, pan of onions and bag of cheese puffs.

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an entire banana split (it’s been Years)
l lb guac with ½ bag chips
one large bag movie theater butter popcorn—no problem.
one of those bags of honey mustard pretzels (nine oz)
I guess I could eat an entire cheesecake if it wasn’t one for a crowd. hard to answer because guilt stops me.

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@Aster Have you tried the hot buffalo wing flavor? Our family can gnaw their way through a bag in a matter of seconds.

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Jar: Manzanilla olives.
Box: Cheez-its (get your own box)
Container: French onion dip
Pan: Chocolate fudge brownies
Bag: Ruffles potato chips, with #3 above.

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Any fruity, gummy, sugar covered candy

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@Pied_Pfeffer No; there was a special rack of this brand of pretzels and I just guessed and chose honey mustard. I was so hooked I know want to try all the flavors! I am really surprised how many here can eat a whole jar of peanut butter!—But Shocked about the jar of pickles

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Eat is that the same as drink?
It’s still consuming, right.
If so, then, that whole bottle of Scotch. . .

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I could eat a great big tray of ripe strawberries or about 6 or 7 peaches in one sitting, no problem!

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I can eat a jar of olives, a box of Cheez Its or a pan of Jello blocks but not all three at one sitting.

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I once ate a whole small jar of marachino cherries. I love them, but I was sick. I think I could eat a whole pint of ice cream too. Also, I once ate a whole can of pineapple for dinner. Unless you are constipated, don’t do that.

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Nutella. I love nutella. I could easily polish off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s key lime pie icecream, too.

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Ben and Jerry’s. Almost any flavor =D

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Wise Potato Chips and Russell Stover Pecan Caramel Delights

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mint chocolate chip ice cream
warm apple fritter donuts
pecan pie
buttercream frosting on vanilla cake
homemade no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies

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I recently ate a whole can of tuna.

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