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Are writing haikus a good way to express myself in a way others can't?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 16th, 2010

well I think some or most know that I use haiku’s to express myself in a way others don’t see in my view. Like I use them to express love for Amber, or to the wolf inside of me, or maybe about life in general, reality, what ever you name. But is it good thing or bad thing…I mean I like being different, just that it’s hard being different, I would know that more than any one (at my school at least) Would this be a good thing to anyone or bad thing?

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Of course it’s a good thing. Any creative expression of inner feelings, etc is a beautiful thing. It’s even better to have something personal to you. I can see nothing bad about this situation. If you’re feeling a little bit different, I’d say to embrace that.
Keep writing!

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Couldn’t agree more with @stardust! If standing on one’s head and spinning is how he or she expresses creativity, I say BRAVO! (By the way, expressing my own creative thoughts in haiku is very difficult for me. I applaud you for being able to do it.)

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@Vincent_Lloyd I highly recommend you check some poetry jam or open mic type places where you can express yourself.Easily a great way to meet people, get tips on your writings, have fun and what not.

I did this later in high school,senior(should have done it sooner) and it was really awesome to watch and hear people who have the same general interests.

And you don’t feel as “different” Although I’m not sure if you are viewing that in a positive or negative way. It should be positive though. :)

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Please express yourself
any way that’s best for you.
Best might be Haiku.

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Poetry can be a very beautiful way to express yourself annd woo the ladies. It is a gift.

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Any creative expression that helps you get in touch with your inner feelings is worthwhile. Don’t doubt it for a second.

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worriedguy’s a putz
Totally stole my idea
Now I’m not clever.

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