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Dinner menu changes to something you just don't like, do you eat it even if it grosses you out?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) August 16th, 2010

Do you “man up” and stomach it and chow down or bow out before you puke? You get invited to a dinner where you thought the main course was rib eye steak, but when you get there you find out the menu was changed and are told letters were sent out stating the change but you never got one. The main course now is chitlins (aka chitterlings) and haggis (bi–racial couple) because out of town family will be attending and they are family favorites.

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I always graciously eat what the host family prepares. Especially if it is something from their culture. You can always enjoy the salad and the veggies but you must eat some of the main feature. Start small. You don’t have to eat a lot.

They invited you because of your company and wit. What you put into your mouth should not change that. Be just as pleasant as you would be if eating chocolate cake.
And be sure to sincerely say thank you.

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I’d grin and bear it. I’d eat anything anyway. Guaranteed if it was made by someone else, anything tastes better than what i could possibly rustle up in the kitchen anyway.

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I wish I were a big enough person to say that I would sit down and be polite enough to eat. But I have a weak stomach and an overactive imagination. It’s very possible that I would literally puke. So I avoid it.

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No need to eat something you truly don’t like. Surely there would be something you could eat. If not, just drink. lol

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No, I wound not eat. I would have a few cocktails though.

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I love Haggis, and there are worse things than Chitlins. When served the haggis, order a good single malt scotch to go with it.

When you are part of a relations building team overseas you get fed a lot of stuff you are better off not knowing what it is. But if you want to accomplish your mission, you better eat it and at least act like you like it.

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In retrospect, I regret not eating my deceased great aunt’s lunch of ham salad, potato salad, some other kind of salad and (gulp!) vegetable aspic topped with mayonnaise even though half of it or more was totally unappealing. I’m a much more gracious guest now that I’ve had a lesson in what’s really important when it comes to sharing a meal.

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I had the aspic Aunt as well…sorry auntie, I love you, but I am NOT eating that slimey concoction. lol

Hers was a tomato aspic, OMG…if it was the last food on earth I’d eat bugs! haha

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Opps, Just caught my Typo. I wouldn’t eat, maybe if there was a salad.

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I would try it. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t eat it. Family that truly cared about enjoying my company wouldn’t care about me not eating something I didn’t like. My family knows I am a very picky eater though, so they wouldn’t be surprised to hear I didn’t like something.

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Blech! Chitlins is not my fortay either. . I would just drink like Coloma said and drink.

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At least they didn’t serve a whole goat and offer you the eye. Eye of goat isn’t bad, but the first time you eat one the textures can get to you.

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If there are no meatless options, I don’t eat and nibble on other things, tradition or not.

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I would probably eat it and likely enjoy it. I love haggis anyway. The only thing I would definitely turn down is a dairy-rich dessert. I’d rather eat chitlins than cream-cake.

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I usually try everything. I hate liver, but I have eaten it on occasion, so I would be willing to try.

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Never liver..never! lol

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@YARNLADY never take part in a traditional Lakota buffalo hunt. Honored guests are sometimes offered the steaming, raw liver from the days kill.

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No, I do not eat food I don’t like. It’s not rude.

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@WestRiverrat And just how do you keep a straight face?

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Since a conversation took place between the guest and the host about the mix-up and change of menu, I’d be comfortable letting the host know that I have never had chitlins and haggis before, and that I’m more than willing to try a small portion of each, but please don’t load up the plate.

If I had tried them before and knew I didn’t care for them, I’d hope the host would offer up something else or that there would be other items served that would work. I’d be quite content with salad and bread. After all, the reason for going is to enjoy the company.

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