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Do the OTC treatments for athletes foot and toenail fungus work?

Asked by JLeslie (60760points) August 16th, 2010

A friend of mine came to me with this question, because I tend to be “the doctor” and I have no idea how effetive the OTC treatments are for these things? I do know prescription Sporonox can work for severe cases of toe fungus, but I don’t think she is at that point, unless a Jelly suggests it is best to take a drug like that right off the bat.

Her toes barely look red, but she says they feel a little inflamed and seem a little swollen, and she does have discoloration on three toenails on the top third of the nails, so I think the diagnosis is right.

I can’t see any harm in trying OTC remedies first, which ones have you found best for curing the problem? She does not seem to be concerned with any discomfort, so please focus on a cure, and not just products that make it feel better.


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Athletes foot YES they do, but you have to give them time. Weeks. Athletes foot is such hell!

The toenail fungus stuff that they sell is not good for you, I know that….I don’t know what to reccommend instead though.

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Generally OTC meds don’t work for toenail fungus. You need to take oral meds.

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The OTC treatments for athletes foot do work, but the patient must be diligent to keep applying it for three weeks even after symptoms abate.

It works well for yeast infections under the breasts, tummy and the crease between the thigh and the bottom of the abdomen.

Guess what? I is identical to those for vaginal yeast infections and in most cases is priced lower than those targeted at women.

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@Dr_Lawrence When I was in the drug store today I looked at some of the choices and noticed the very same thing about the active ingredients. There was also a liquid that is some sort of acid. Do you know which product might be best?

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I don’t know anything about nail fungus. Tinactin spray works very well for me, just use it every day whether the itch is there or not. I’ve had less trouble with athlete’s foot since retiring from the Army, not wearing boots all the time. Wearing sandals keeps my feet from perspiring, which must have been the initial cause of the trouble.

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Try to get yourself a jar of Bluestar Ointment, the stuff rocks. Take that you damn scabbies.

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I stayed at friends house years ago, and got horrible athletes foot from his shower. Apparently both he and his son had it.

I then soaked my feet in a bucket of bleachwater. I used Qtips and rubbed pure household bleach right on the worst part of the athletes foot and let it dry.

After about 2 weeks of that… the problem went away, and it’s been over a decade now, and my feet are still healthy.

Disclaim: I never did research what detrimental effects, if any, this will cause.

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