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Is Ann Coulter for real?

Asked by xgunther (446points) March 24th, 2008

Is she serious about the things she says and writes? Or is she clandestinely making a satire of conservative republicans in the US?

If she is serious about her work, how many of you think she’s crazy in the head?

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She and Dick Cheney are actually just 2 different manifestations of the same moronic demon. Have you ever seen those 2 in the same room at the same time? I rest my case.

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she is a total attention freak. I think she used to know what she meant but has been a conservative tool for so long I dont think she remembers

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I like her and find her funny. She is not running for office and does not worry about being politically correct so she can say what she wants without restraints of office. She is to the right what Al Franken was to the left before he started running for office and had to tone down his humor. I find him funny also, I just agree with Ann more than Al.

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Brown, Ann is much better looking than Dick Cheney so your case does not hold water. They would never be mistaken for the same person. Otherwise, she is actually very intelligent. You may not agree with her, but to say she is moronic (I know, it was a way of name calling) is not quite true. She is a lawyer…..ooops, that is name calling also…but I do find her humor funny sometimes.

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Yeah, I guess it is funny to make fun of widows who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks and say that they are enjoying their husbands’ deaths. I guess it is funny to say that Jews should improve themselves and become Christians. Yeah, she’s a real riot. She should be pied in the face wherever she goes.

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excuse me Brown, I didn’t realize this was supposed to be a slamfest of others opinions. I do find her funny SOMETIMES, as I said.

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If you:

Like Ann Coulter
Quote fox news
Congratulations! The world thinks you’re a complete idiot!

Which is funniest? Her hate of blacks, gays, or jews?

Nuke the Gay Whales . . . for jesus!

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I think she started out serious, but discovered that the more outrageous the things she said were, the more attention she got—and she’s a sucker for attention.

So I think there’s a grain of honesty in what she says—the hatefulness and the bigotry seem pretty authentic—but I don’t think she believes the things she says to quite the degree she says.

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Thanks for sharing MrKnow ItAll.

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Whoops, sorry, didn’t realize this question was just for those who don’t like her.

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Since when did pointing out egregiously malformed reasoning, destructive personal attacks and factually incorrect assertions become a “slamfest of others[sic] opinions”? Empirically, some positions are simply wrong, opinions notwithstanding. If people choose to champion these unsupportable positions, they don’t get to complain when people point it out.

Ann Coulter is a fringe political pundit who often makes up for a lack of substance by simply attacking people and their countervailing opinions. The cost of this is that she is far more likely to muddy a discussion than clarify it. Getting to a true answer or a workable policy is already a challenge; why should we indulge someone who makes this even harder?

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You are right, I am wrong. I shouldn’t like her. I get it. But I do find her funny. I apologize to the masses or the more enlightened.

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