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If you were going to a potluck dinner ,what do you like to bring?

Asked by Frenchfry (7574points) August 16th, 2010

I am going to a potluck next Sunday. Maybe asking this question will get fresh ideas. Thanks.

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My killer brownies.

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One of my quiches… sweet or savoury… want me to make you one? :-)

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Banana Pudding~ Not many people don’t love banana pudding.

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cookies always go fast because they don’t require a plate or utensils.

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The first thing to do is ask the host if he/she needs you to bring something in particular. If not, bring dishes and/or drinks you like, in case others don’t. Chances are good there will be others who like what I bring. (Oh, and you can never go wrong bringing veggie plates or fruit salads.)

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Rice and beans.

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Parmesan onion soufflĂ© and a variety of crackers in a basket. If it’s summer, and I know people will be drinking alcohol, it’s a bottle of Absolut® Ruby Red vodka, plenty of cranberry and grapefruit juice and wedges of lime.

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@partyparty Sounds good.
@Austinlad Yes I asked they said bring anything.. That’s fine. I think it makes it more difficult. Watch there be 10 potato salads. Good suggestions.
I can cook now. Pretty good at it.

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Galbi, grilled Korean Short Ribs.

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Cold sesame noodles.

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I take home made bread and raspberry butter.

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A vegetable dish or a pie.

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Blueberry pie!

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I love making desserts, and making them up. I like making things with cinnamon.

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Crab or spinach dip in a bread bowl.

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