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Are the new child's backpack with a security alarm built-in, a fad or the real thing?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) August 16th, 2010

I saw this commercial on tv last night. Wife and I wondered if this was just a gimmick supposedly for children’s safety or was it the real deal. A siren that blows and a light that flashes, when a child pulls the rip cord on the backpack. This is suppose to scare the threat away from the child. Question: Is this siren, flashing-light backpack a real safety item for a child, or is it just a gimmick to line someone’s pocketbook with our money?

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If I know kids, this will quickly become as “effective” as car alarms.

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Could be both, but I agree with @SundayKittens . The bullet proof backpack didn’t seem to last long, either.

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Don’t you think a lot of kids will pull the chord for fun?

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Pulling the cord for fun is exactly my point…...a gimmick that will drive the teachers crazy.

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Are we scaring children to death? Since most of the abductions and dangers seem to come from people children know, this would be useless in any case, even if it is “real” and it wasn’t so overused as to make it pointless (like car alarms, as someone pointed out). Children need to develop strong sense of themselves and what is good and not good, and need to learn to tell a safe person if there is a danger. The rest sounds like a gimmick to me—adding more anxiety to the already fearful public.

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I had something like that for my youngest child 17 years ago. It alarmed when he got over 15 ft from the parent device or if someone tried to remove the fanny pack thing from him. It was a major FAIL!

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Would a canned-horn be just as effiecient. you know, the kind they use at football games?

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@john65pennington It’s called a Vuvuzela ;)

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Okay, Vuvuzela…........whatever!

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I hadn’t heard of them until just now, so I had to look them up. It’s an interesting idea, but I see it being banned in schools because of children playing with it and being ignored like others have mentioned. I think it’s best for parents to educate their children about what to do in different situations instead of thinking this alarm on a bookbag is going to keep their children safe. (Not to mention I can’t see spending $60 to $100 for a bookbag).

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