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What can I do with a pot that I left on the burner with sugar and water boiling for an hour?

Asked by food (792points) August 16th, 2010

I would like to save the stainless steel pot, but I want to make sure it´s safe. I placed the pot with a cup of sugar and a cup of water to boil the solution. I thought I should have put an alarm because I often forget and leave the pot too long, but I didn´t. I walked into the kitchen about an hour later and smoke was coming out of the pan. The lid was slightly stuck to the pot when I took it off the burner. Next, the pot was completely full of a black porous substance which is probably charcoal-burnt sugar. Clouds of smoke surrounded me as I scraped out all I could with a spoon.

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Did you try to clean it?

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In the past when I have done something like that, I have had to throw the pot away.

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baking soda…...and turn on the stove. with water. that should help. At least try it.

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I cleaned similar with that metal sponge perfectly. It takes a little while, but works.

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You could try some brillo pads. Maybe get a girlfriend.

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Good suggetsions above. Check places like Bed, Bath & Beyond and do some Googling to see if there are superproducts that work on pots like this. And… be prepared to get a new pot.

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my guess it’s history!

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Right now I was busy trying to get oxygen into my lungs, so I left the pot on the cold part of the stove for the time being. As for those who say that the pot is history, that´s what I´m afraid of, but I will definitely try cleaning it with the baking soda (thanks jazmina)
I can still smell the burnt sugar even though all the windows are open and it´s an hour later!
I was trying to make syrup for lemonade. I always have trouble when I´m trying to make tea, so I devised the technique of always setting an alarm and don´t know why I stopped doing that…!!

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I put some baking soda and water in it and set it on the stove——with an alarm this time!!!

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Salt ( quarter cup) and water bring it to boil and soak. Brillo pad and elbow grease. It should come clean

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Hmm, let me add the salt, I have tons of it….

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I´m willing to keep my mind open… but I´m just curious about whether the brillo pads will harm the stainless steel pot?

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not that the pot isn´t harmed enough already, of course..

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I already boiled water so long in a nonstick teapot (I wonder why a teapot has to be nonstick if all you place in it is water?) that I haven´t used it again just because I´m afraid the teflon might harm me? Does anyone know if it´s safe to use it or not?

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Fill with dirt. Put a plant in it.

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Hey, the stainless steel pot is clean now! And I was brave enough to make the syrup concoction again! (With an alarm this time!) Thanks! The baking soda and/or salt worked marvelously (I used both at the same time) It was a little hard to scrape out the last black marks, but now the pot is shiny

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oh, stainless….makes a huge difference! I missed that part in your question. Loll…and, you said that in the first line!

good for you.. stainless steel stuff does not come cheap!

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