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Would you participate in a study?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4846points) August 16th, 2010

If a person on the streets that you didn’t know asked if you would participate in a study, would you? This study includes you leaving your usual life for a month. Your job will be taken care of. Your family members would be informed. And anything else that needs to be taken care of will be taken care of. All you have to do for the study is live in an empty white room. Random things would happen over the course of the month. You would have no human contact. Oh did i mention you would get $100,000. Would you do it without the money? What is the lowest amount of money you’d do it for?

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If, after thoroughly checking out the person and the details of the study, I was satisfied in their legitimacy, I would be inclined to do it for the experience as well as $100,000. However, if any aspect of my research turned up something bad or even questionable, I wouldn’t for any amount of money.

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Recruiting on the street??? That sounds like a pretty shady operation. I wouldn’t do it.

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I initiate studies all the time. I think about studies constantly. You haven’t given enough details. random things happen that I witness or happen to me? Do I get privacy for bathoom functions? Do I sleep on the floor? Am I nder observation through a video? I need more details. I would need a guarantee of the money and your legitimacy. Also a copy of the results of the study.

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I am with @wundayatta on this one. Shady, Shifty. Something is not right.

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This person would be able to fully prove he/she is legit. As for random things he/she is not aloud to say. You would be guaranteed the full $100,000 as well as any money you would have made from you job. Every second you would be closely monitored. You do sleep on the floor. You do not get to see any information from yours or anyone Else’s study. If you accept to participate in the study the second you enter the room ( no matter how much you beg) you aren’t aloud out until a month has passed.

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Of course, there’s also a chance it’s a legitimate study in which trust is a major component…
And don’t forget, an ad in the paper that led you to an office could turn out to be as creepy and bogus as hearing about it from a stranger on the street. In either case, you’d want to do lots of due diligence.

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I wouldn’t do it with the added information you have given. In any study, you should be able to get out if something was going on. The idea that I may want to beg to get out is enough for me to say no. If I’m giving up a month of my life and time with my family, I want to know exactly what I am getting into or it’s not going to happen.

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I would do it immediately, no questions asked, but only if it was a blue room.

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My theory is that any person without human contact would temporarily go insane. This test would prove my theory. I simply want to see if anyone would do it. I am not saying that the conditions would make you want out, i am simply telling you if you wanted out before the month it wouldn’t happen. i am asking about this because if i ever had the money i would do this.

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@daytonamisticrip The problem with that is once someone asks to be let out and you tell them no you are holding them against their will. I would never participate in something that I couldn’t get out of if there was an issue. If you were going to do the study, you would need to look at the person’s health before they went into the room as well.

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Of course i would check their health. I would also have paramedics in case anything happened.

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No. i have experimented and dealt with the unknown already most of my life. i plan on just being normal for the remainder.

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Got a question for you @john65pennington can you define normal without a dictionary definition.

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Sounds like Oldboy Part II to me.

“Random things” is really vague. Is someone going to come in the room and paint my nose blue, or am I going to be gang-raped three times a day?

You can’t just say “random things”

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Dayton, you know and i know there is truly no such a thing as normal. i will rephrase my word and just say average.

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That’s better

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I thought you would understand.

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@Seek_Kolinahr by random things l mean getting a letter from family, or getting a couch to sit on, or someone coming in the room and painting your nose blue.

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I know what it is like to be confined to a small area for long stretches and how little things become monumental events. One month alone would not be long enough to truly test my limits but a white room with little else to go on would be an interesting challenge I might be game to try just for the heck of it but if you insist on throwing a $100,000 at me to boot I won’t refuse the cash. No experimental drugs please or I am out.

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No drugs in it, it’s just to test how people react.

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Being recruited off the streets? that’s a little fishy. But otherwise hell yeah! I love being that one outlier that skews results. Ha ha!

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There are not enough details specified to satisfy a Human Ethics Review Committee.

I have a damaged back and can’t even sleep on a good bed so I would not agree to sleep on a floor.

Studies on sensory deprivation done in the 1950’s and 1960’s would not be approved today based on what is know about the effects.

If you are interested, look at some of the research publications from those studies. Many were done at McGill University by Donald Olding Hebb and his associates. (He is long ago deceased and probably will not respond to your enquiries.)

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@Dr_Lawrence I don’t want to study other people’s study’s. If i had the money i would want to do my own study’s

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I would need to check out the credentials of the researcher, the funding of the project, and go over the contract with a good lawyer first. I would insist on a rider of at least a million for unlimited medical expenses should this drive me insane since this is very like torture or brainwashing techniques. Taking unknown chemicals would not be part of the deal, nor physical injury to myself.

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no physical injuries or chemicals, just a silent white room.

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and i would want privacy in the toilet.—in the contract
I am assuming that food clothing hygiene and private elimination are covered but that would have to be addressed in the contract—I would do it

the things that happen rom heat to cold dark to light noise of various sorts to silence, video, lightshows, smells, strange psychological events like letters from home lots o silence with a steady hum or a dripdrip drip—-

but things like telling me that a beloved family member is dying in a hospital and will be dead before my month is up and making me stay in there—would there be any understanding about things like that ? limits set?

You know you are a very amazing young person. The things you ask are eery but very adult

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LOL, define ‘random things that would happen to me in a room’...maybe for half a mil.

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Nope. It would sound to me like recruiting for some stupid TV show like Big Brother, and I wouldn’t do that for ANY amount of money.

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Hey, I just randomly stumbled on this.

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