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How do you choose a good topic for a blog and how should you write it for it to be successful?

Asked by food (790points) August 16th, 2010

What elements are necessary for making a successful blog and what are the unwritten rules of blogs? Should it include a goal and timeframe that you announce to your readers? In addition, what should you do if you already started that goal in January but want to start the blog now? Is it necessary for the blog to be written in the present tense or can I use past experiences and write them as if they were happening today? Should those be written as flashbacks, or can I start now with past experiences and advance until I catch up with the present?

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I have a blog myself, but my goal is just to help other teens on the beauty-days. I do some make up looks and stuff. I am not succesful though

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You can do whatever you want. It’s your blog. If you need to talk about the past, talk about the past. If you want to blog about how many times you flossed today, do it. If you want to blog about saving endangered pumpkin seeds—no biggie. It’s your blog. Hell, you can have one hundred blogs if you want, each dedicated to something else. It all depends on how much energy you have.

As far as being successful—I have no idea. Write something people really like.

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Start with one of the basic rules of writing: write about what you know and/or feel passion about. The rest is mechanics.

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That´s cool that you already have a blog, “thesexier”. And Thanks for the advice Austinlad. Good point, wundayatta, now I know what to do with my past and present experiences—just write incorporate them however I want to.

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I read that blogger was user-friendly but I don´t think that person who said that knows what user-friendly means…..ah the yahoo sitehelper for making webpages is so much better…. oh well….plus the webpage turned out in a different language, so it´s bilingual….(!) I don´t know how to post photos next to the entry (as opposed to just placing a photo randomly on the page) and I can´t figure out how to link the page to delicious and digg…. Haha I´ll have to spend some more time figuring that out tomorrow

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Judging from the one blog I read: You should choose a subject that has your interest and that you know a lot about, so that you can share your expertise. Then start explaining the basics, and refer back to the basics posts whenever you write about more advanced ideas.

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