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Why is it necessary to wash your hands after going the bathroom?

Asked by Zag_grad2010 (203points) August 16th, 2010

Is going the bathroom that unsanitary that it is necessary to wash your hands every time afterwards? Or is it just an opportunity to wash your hands since you touch so may things throughout the day that have germs; for example, handling money or touching a door handle. I wash my hand every time, but am curious.

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I do it before And after. I don’t want my dirty hands to toucvh bits that don’t often see the light of day. If the bathroom is clean and not busy, I also wash my face so it has time to dry while I am going.

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Yes it is necessary. Your hands could be contaminated by your urine or feces and if you didn’t was your hands, you could spread whatever is on your hands to other people. There are several illness that are spread through fecal-oral transmission and indirect contact (meaning you put the germs on something else and then someone touches that surface). Even if you aren’t preparing someone else’s food, you could pass something along this way. Also, you never know what the person before you touched and if they washed their hands. Washing your hands helps prevent this from happening.

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Yes, restrooms (especially public ones) can get extremely unsanitary. When I was about five, I thought it was a waste of time, and after finishing business just waltzed right out of the restroom. Later that night, I spent nearly an hour puking my guts out. Always washed since and never had a similar thing arise (except when I got old sailor’s disease… multiple times)

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Even if you fastidiously avoid contact with your own excrement and or urine, your hands will most likely come in contact with surfaces both inside the bathroom that are covered with various pathogens. Even the handle on the exit door from the bathroom is likely to be dirty. Save your paper towel with which you dried your hands to open the door and then discard it outside the bathroom. If there is no paper towel, use your sleeve or other part of your clothing to open the exit door.

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Well, i don’t wash my hands when i use public restrooms because i don’t like to touch the taps there, everything about public loos are ew and i touch nothing there, not even the door handles or ANYTHING, and i flush the loo with my foot, and i don’t sit on the seat. So, as far as that goes, i don’t pick up any gross stuff there. Anyway, i have waterless hand wash in my handbag always, so when i need to wash my hands in public, i use that.
At home, i may wash my hands before going to the loo if i’ve been out that day to places where i could have touched things which the public have touched (eg food packing while shopping), because i don’t want those icky germs on me. I don’t really get any “eliminations” on my hands when i do go to the loo, and on the odd occasion where that managed to happen by accident, i’ll wash my hands of course.
Anywho, this is also why i hate shaking hands with people, because you just don’t know what their level of hygiene is and if they’re spreading germs. EEEWWW.

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Yes. Not only is it the sanitary thing do, as has been said above, but also a courtesy to others and a civic responsibility.

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For me, it’s both. Also, I just feel clean after washing my hands. I don’t care how “not dirty” it is. For one thing, better safe than sorry. For a second thing, it is an opportunity to wash your hands since you’ve been touching all kinds of unsanitary things throughout the day. For a third thing, it gives you a “clean” feeling afterward.

And honestly, it takes a few measly seconds. Can you guys truly not afford to wash your hands?

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Wanna know why? In May I got the worst sore throat I’ve ever had. Maybe the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t swallow or eat. After 10 days of this and waiting for my test results to come back, finding out it wasn’t strep, etc., the doctor called me and told me it was a bacteria found generally in your intestines and in feces and said she had never seen it in a throat before! My boyfriend had the same thing. We both wash our hands after pooping and (usually, sometimes) peeing. But we don’t sometimes, too, and it’s my guess thats how we came down with that horrible ailment. WASH YOUR HANDS.

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