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Things to do in NYC other than shopping, museums and musicals?

Asked by brotherhume (373points) August 16th, 2010

What are your favorite things to do in NYC that does not involve shopping, museums and seeing musicals? My parents and I are going be in the city for a week and we have been to all the main museums and “touristy” spots in the past.

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SEX! if your partner isn’t with you and your parents you could stay home/hotel for one day, tell them you aren’t filling good and go into your room and maybe phone-sex

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See if you can get tickets to a taping of “The Daily Show”.

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@Thesexier, I am planning to spend time with my parents since I go to school in Brooklyn and they are just spending a week with me before going back home.

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Depending on your self-confidence, street smarts and risk tolerance, there are many parts of New York City with distinct ethnic flavours and areas that cater to all kinds of tastes and interests.
I like exploring things like the ports where commercial, military and passenger ships may be berthed. The subway can take you to all kinds of places you wouldn’t see back home.

Explore with a buddy for greater safety.

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Good call @syz – I personally like the Daily Show and I’m planning to go to a taping. My parents however, do not watch that show.

@Dr_Lawrence I’ll check out the ports – thanks! I think I’m also going to take my parents around Harlem and Queens. I hear there are some cool historical jazz spots in Harlem. Any suggestions?

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@brotherhume , Oh, well then I would add also going together for a fancy meal where you all get dressed. And you can maybe take them around the whole NYC, I have never been there so I don’t know how big it is but I am very sure it’s pretty big.

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Ride in a taxi and listen to the cabbies conversation. its entertainment at its best. cabbies know everything. just ask one and he/she will tell you so.

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Go to Central Park, watch the great performers (music of all kinds, mimes, etc.), watch the people, have something to eat from a vendor. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Go to a unique museum off the tourist track—there are many. Take a subway. Take a bus. Walk down 3rd Ave. Check out Columbia University. Go to the village. Sit in Washington Square and watch or play a chess game. Talk to a cab driver.

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Food of course.

Babycakes makes fantastic brownies voted best in NYC. Almost all babycakes products are vegan and gluten free and the brownies still win. They have a little shop downtown if you are walking in the area I know you said you did the museums, but I will mention that the tenement museum is not that far from the bakery.

What about a day trip up the hudson somewhere? You can take the train or a boat. Maybe this site can help

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You can visit CNN, see the news team and present a news story. They will give you a DVD copy.

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I agree, walk through Central Park and accross Brooklyn Bridge, i went there on holiday a few years ago and can remember that i did those. When you’re walking the streets at night time, see if you can find those guys who make spray paint pictures, they’re really good and interesting to watch for a few minutes – they’re on the sidewalks. Go up the Empire State building? I watched the sunset from there.

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Visit the Statue of Liberty. Ride to the top of the Empire State. Eat a hotdog or slice of pizza on a street corner. Ride the subway uptown and downtown, vigilant to all around youbut pretending not to be. Visit Wall Street (after all, that’s where all your money is either going down the drain or being paid in bonuses).Walk through Times Square. See a Broadway show… or an off-Broadway show… or even an off-off Broadway show. Find any deli and heat a hot corned beef sandwhich (just don’t ask for it on white with Mayo like Annie Hall did). Look at the Brooklyn Bridge at night.Take the subway downtown to The Village where Bob Dylan and Joan Baex played (and made love). Find a place called The Good Bagel (if it’s still around)and eat the best bagels and lox you ever had. Go to some comedy clubs. Do all that… and it’s just the beginning of what you can do in NYC.

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If you do take a train somewhere there is a trasportation museum annex in Grand Central (by the way Grand Central is a tourist attraction in itself. So many movies have been filmed there in a it is historic. Anyway, in the museum you will learn about the subway, over 100 years old now, how they dug they tunnels, that NYC had the first express lines, and other interesting stuff. They have really cute souvenirs. The main museum is in Brooklyn if I remember correctly but the annex is a neat way to just spend a half while at Grand Central.

I thought of more food. Famous deli’s like Carnagie or Stage. I think Katz’s deli is where Meg Ryan had her fake orgasm in Where Harry Met Sally.

You can take the PATH train to Jersey CIty or Hoboken and walk around.

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Honestly. I just like to walk the city when I am there.

So much will just cross your path.

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Google it

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What about sports? I’m no baseball fan, but seeing a Yankees game was pretty cool.

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Sports made me think of going to Chelsea Piers, hit some golf balls.

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Hanging out in Union Square. Going to hang out at the South Street Seaport. Visiting the high line.

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Washington Square Park and the Village
2nd Avenue Deli (on 33rd and 1st) for real Jewish deli
See Bethesda Fountain and the boat lake in Central Park
Central Park Zoo
Ride one of the open-top tour busses and hop-on hop-off
Circle Line boat ride around Manhattan
Have a drink in the lobby of the Algonquin Hotel
Afternoon tea at the Plaza
Indian food on E. 6th Street
Chelsea Market for food browsing

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Walking around, eating, Washington Square, eating, walking around and eating and visiting with my friends and eating and drinking and laughing.

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Go to the Botanical Gardens! Every borough has one, I think. The Bronx’s and Brooklyn’s are especially nice.

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The Bronx Zoo is great on a warm, nice day, as is Central Park.
Have you been to MoMA? They have many major works (ok, it’s not as big as the MET) like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and it’s possible to go through in a day.
Chinatown is an interesting cultural experience as well.
Carnegie Deli and Lindy’s for food.

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