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If a peaceful, gentle death was not an option - how would you choose to go?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25343points) August 16th, 2010

Let’s say that dying the ideal, peaceful, in your sleep kind of passing was not an option.

Anything else is up for grabs – how would you choose to go?

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Against a bridge support at 100mph.

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I guess an unexpected bullet to the brain would have to do.

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Something with a really big explosion…

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Suffocated betwixed two firm pert breasts. A titillating pleasurable way to go. Amen to that ;¬}

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I think I’d go for a lightning strike.

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Hmmmmm, maybe from a headshot. It’ll be instant.

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A plane crash would be fine. When my wife threatens to kill me, I tell her she will need to wire up my truck with explosives, and that she can order them from the ATF web site.

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Atom bomb carrying Boeing 747 flying in my balcony.

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Heart attack while orgasming?

Or hitting the ground after jumping out of a plane with no parachute?

Kind of hard to decide. :(

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@Cruiser drowning sounds awful, I’m curious why you chose that.

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Spontaneous human combustion on a city street. Entertainment/emotional scarring for everyone!

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Saving another persons life. I really don’t care how. If i could choose i wouldn’t really even want an “easy” “peaceful” death.

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Sulfuric acid.

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I would like to go at the age of 90 being shot by a jealous husband.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I love water, I love to swim and I love to scuba dive. I have come very close to drowning a few times and each time it ultimately felt….very peaceful. One time I had to snap myself out of one very “surreal” moment and remind myself to surface and breathe.

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@Cruiser that’s fair. Thanks for answering :)

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Either something with a high speed chase, or I want 5 guys in pin striped suits with hats and tommy guns to put 1000 bullets in me. Like Sonny in godfather…

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I’ve already come close to bleeding to death. That I definitely do not ever want to feel again. Along those lines, anything that involves being cold is out too.

I suppose carbon dioxide poisoning would be considered too peaceful?

I’ll go with the Black Death, septicemic variety. That way I go crazy first (won’t know what’s happening), and it’s over in 3–12 hours.

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@Cruiser I’m a pretty good swimmer but only go to snorkeling depths. I am claustrophobic and don’t like all of that water pressing down on me.

I thought drowning was painful, especially when you involuntarily inhale water.

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@Ron_C yes it does hurt, A LOT. probably the worst night of my life so far.

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@Ron_C You don’t have to inhale the water to drown.

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I am a person that hates holding my breath for more than 15 seconds, but when your drowning and don’t have the choice to breath it is actually quite peaceful. I was under for a good length of time, 2 maybe 3 minutes.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I have had the bleeding experience too. I thought it was supposed to be peaceful, bleeding to death. All I remember is being really cold. Then they gave me blood that was supposed to be heated but I think they took it out before the microwave dinged. It felt like ice water going through my veins. Then they piled warmed blankets on me, I could have died happy then.

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@Cruiser “You don’t have to inhale the water to drown.“you don’t? Wouldn’t that be suffocation? I couldn’t handle that either.

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I have heard that both suffocation and drowning are painful, like your lungs are on fire. I don’t have experience with either, though.

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@Ron_C the definition of drowning is suffocating by submersion in a fluid, not just inhaling.

@TheOnlyNeffie Drowning, in my experience, felt more like thousands of needles puncturing my chest from the inside out, then when I could finally start breathing again, my lungs felt like they were on fire.

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@Winters thanks for clarifying.

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@Winters –verb (used without object)
1. to die under water or other liquid of suffocation.

I looked it up, I guess you are right. Suffocation –verb (used with object)
1. to kill by preventing the access of air to the blood through the lungs or analogous organs, as gills; strangle.

Nowhere does it say that air has to be displaced by water. I guess you’re right. I just learned something new.

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In a blazing battle against bears armed with chainsaws
PS I made the artichoke and spinach dip with the recipe you gave me earlier today. It was soooo good!

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@Ron_C me too.

@Michael_Huntington now that is creative!

Glad you liked it :)

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Grizzly bear attack.

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Breach of the spacecraft.

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ground zero. no warning.

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Eaten by zombies, but only so badly that I become a functional one.

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A dramatic duel to the death with rapiers. Highly unlikely, but hey, if I can’t die peacefully, why not go for something with a little more pizazz?

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whatever happens, happens!

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I want to go in a plane crash, something like the final scenes of Secondhand Lions. Who the hell wants a peaceful death anyway?

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Drug overdose with a follow up bullet to the head.

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Yeah it probbaly wouldn’t be all that awesome actually, and if there was a chance of it actually happening I might not actually say it but…I wanna get torn to pieces by zombies, devoured and then have them sling my bones in ditches and on the highway.

I would make a beautiful corpse.

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Massive heart attack during orgasm.

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I change my mind to what @stranger_in_a_strange_land wrote.

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Massive gun fight.

I’d want to have already taken out like…. 300 Nazis or Aliens or whatever… let’s just go with Nazis…

Anyway, I’ve already killed 300 or so of them when I’m cornered by their officers in the control room of their submarine. I shoot most of the guards and all of the officers except for one… the main Nazi leader who has an eye patch and a big scar on his face and he carries a gold-plated Luger. Well he pulls out his pimped out Luger and shoots me 6 times in the chest and I fall to the floor. He then walks up to my writhing, dying body victoriously and presses his Luger to the back of my head. In his most evil, Nazi, stereotypical Bond villain accent, he says

“Now, ze bastard of the fiddle. You die!”

Just before he pulls the trigger, I look up at him. With a final burst of strength I wrench the gun from his hand and say



And shoot him through his eyepatch, killing him instantly.

Then, I press the button on the detonator to the C-4 I planted in the Nazi sub and blow the whole thing up before it gets to New York City to detonate it’s nuclear payload and the world is saved.

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….fuck, that was awesome. Sounds like a John Woo movie

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I want nothing to do with drowning or suffocation. I almost drowned and it was very painful. Anything to do with blunt force trauma, that is a very quick death.

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Probably the drugs used when I was fully anesthetized once, followed by something quick and painless that wouldn’t wake me up.

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@FireMadeFlesh thank you, finally someone who doesn’t want a peaceful quick death.

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Been thinking about this.

I choose to go the only way I can go. Continuing to live out my life on this friggin planet.

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@daytonamisticrip A peaceful death would be too… uneventful. I want to die with a rush of adrenaline. I also want to go in a creative way, so people will laugh at my funeral.

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I like the bombs and chainsaw ideas.. and Chaz’ death by space vacuum suffication .. and it’s not so much that i want to die quick and fairly painless.. but I really want to skydive lol.. so If i had to die I want my parachute not to open.. just an exilierating ride and a splatt.

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Footnote to my prior brief comment: I’ll allow a higher power to make that call !

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@Zaku sounds like you want lethal injection. But you have to earn that.

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Insulin overdose.

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@Espiritus_Corvus what would insulin OD feel like?

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@Dewey420 Given enough insulin, you would quietly use up all the glucose in your system within a few minutes, your brain would shut down and then your heart and lungs would stop. You basically go to sleep. No gagging on puke, no struggle, no distress. I admit that I misread the question. This would actually be the most peaceful way that I can think of to die.

I suppose falling out of a plane at about 12,000 ft, where there is still oxygen, would be the correct answer to this question, for me anyway. It may or may not be peaceful, but I think that I would simply surrender to the situation and enjoy the drop while it lasted.

Or dying in bitter battle for something that I believe in. I guess that wouldn’t be peaceful and best meets the criteria of this question.

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I want to win a Darwin Award.

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Technically, you don’t have to die to win a Darwin.

I read one about a guy that held a beer bottle between his legs to fire off bottle rockets.

One firework blew up in the bottle, and he ended up having to have his testicles removed.

Since he had no kids, he successfully removed himself from the gene pool, and took home a Darwin.

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@Seek_Kolinahr one of my favorite Darwin’s are these two guys that worshipped tigers jumping in the tiger cage at the zoo. The tiger stared at them while they danced and chanted, but started tearing one guy apart when he tried putting some kind of necklace on it. The other guy slapped the tiger to stop it from attacking his friend, and the tiger then tore that guy into two pieces in several seconds. Then it finished off the first guy.

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@cockswain – that is awesome. I can’t beat it.

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@cockswain My favourite was the guy who died of excessive internal bleeding after he swallowed a stripper’s undies, then scratched the hell out of his oesophagus with a coat hanger trying to get them out again.

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@FireMadeFlesh and @cockswain that is sick and twisted.

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@daytonamisticrip It is, but as long as they do it to themselves and no one else I can laugh. Maybe that makes me morbid, but I just think of it as Natural Selection.

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I like the guy who flipped open his Zippo to see if the petrol tanker he was driving around was completely drained. Kaboom! Here’s your Darwin.

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I guess everyone does have a dark sick twisted side to them.

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Fluther is a good start.

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Realistically Possible: Skydiving mishap.

Realistically Possible but Utterly Improbable: Hurtling into the sun.

Not at All Gonna Happen: Gored by Unicorns.

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Al Gored.

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In the dentist chair, nitrous oxide overdose. Yeaaaaah

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I feel like (and this is the same with other overdose-style answers) that’s totally cheating. ;-) That’s essentially the dying in your sleep scenario! Peacefulness is out of the question, gull dernit.

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so all those other guys get to die nicely but I have to go the violence route?? Hummmph. Well, then I’ll be shot in the brain. That ok? double standards around here.

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Well, I’m not saying it’s my right to put anyone ON the hook…but that was just mostly laziness on my part-I didn’t want to scroll back through the list and name all the names. I address you only in the spirit of good-natured ribbing (I generally don’t use the phrase “gull dernit” if I feel there’s been a serious affront :-)).

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I can’t believe this is still going! :)

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no prob, @iamthemob ! Joking witcha.

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How else: with a bang!
That, or how the lead guy in 300/Hero (2002 film) died.

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