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What do you think of men?

Asked by flutherother (29147points) August 16th, 2010

A question for girls, ladies, women and an opportunity to be honest. Being a man I never get to hear what you really think of us and I am interested to know.

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I don’t think there is any one description that could possibly include all men. It depends on the individual.

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I think men are generally misunderstood. It’s a gender thing. A man cries, and he’s a faggot. Why can’t a man be upset about something too? I like men that will cry in front of me. In fact, I find it less manly when a man WONT cry. Oh, your dad just died who you were super close to and you’re not gonna cry? Really? Obviously women have their fair share of problems too, but since this question is about men, I won’t get into that. I feel bad that 9 times out of 10 a man cannot express his emotions without being ridiculed and instead usually resorts to bottling it up inside to look more like a “man”. It’s so stupid. I like men. They aren’t all pigs. But you can’t generalize about such a huge group of people either like @TheOnlyNeffie said.

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It all depends on each person, that goes for all human beings. Some are monsters and some are angels on earth. In most cases, I consider them to be more direct, honest and dependable than many women.( Once again this is not true of everyone)

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I know some wonderful men, but I think a lot of them suck. Especially young men can be very selfish, lie, cheat, do reckless things without concern for consequences. I think they generally are poor at communicating, so they are misunderstood because they do nothing to be understood. I guess if they discuss their feelings they fear appearing weak. Generally though, I have found men with integrity in long term relationships do communicate with their spouse. In fact, I think their wife or SO is the only person they feel they can be totally honest and open with.

Some of it has to do with cultural norms. If you generally are around men who are from a macho culture it can affect how they behave. Although, my husband is basically from a macho culture, but he is not a macho idiot at all, not close.

I have found the men I have worked with have been great at being focused and not getting dragged down by emotions or petty problems at work. Woman seem to be more affected by things like this.

Everything I said above is generalizations, and I know men who fit the female descriptions I have made and women who fit the male descriptions. There is really no hard fast rule for either sex, everyone is an individual in the end.

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There are alot of great men out there…all of which I could beat up ;)

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Men are just as vulnerable as women. They just aren’t always willing to reveal that.

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I’ll have to agree with @TheOnlyNeffie. Generally i like men (the nice ones) but some men can be really ew (much-older-than-me perv types for one). I don’t know, it really depends on the individual. I do think that men tend to have bigger ego’s that make them do stupid things sometimes. Just as there are things that are particular to women mostly in general that i find annoying too. Other than all these little gender differences, they’re just humans like the rest of us, each to be judged on their own. (i don’t really like generalizations).

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Can’t live with them, can’t live with them…
Actually, I think it was unusual that the group of men I worked with seemed very caring and talked very positively about their spouses at least 98% of the time. Except one man who thought it was cool to ridicule his wife. Funny, though, when I met her, he was sweet as pie to her face. I hate when anyone treats their S/O as inferiors, and I have witnessed a lot of this out in public. It seems to me that men cheat more than women, or maybe it is just the ones I have heard about. Men generally are not as nurturing as women and seem to think the “grass is greener”, not giving a thought about how it will affect their children.

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There are good guys and there are bad guys. I do believe a guy can switch from one to the other. Good guys to me are the guys that are able to take care of themselves and treat other people well. Bad guys are the guys that constantly lie, cheat, abuse people, and use people. I know a lot more good guys at this point in my life than I do bad guys. If you would have asked this 10 years ago, I would have said I knew a lot more bad guys than good guys.

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Humidity is rising
Barometer is getting low
According to all sources
The streets the place to go
Coz tonight for the…......

Ooops, excuse me girls, I seem to have stepped into the ladies room. Do carry on ;¬}

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I like the bright,considerate, thoughtful, proactive ones with integrity and stamina.

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I can judge each man individually, only but I do know this: men have many privileges in society that they’re unaware about and we don’t live in a ‘post-sexist’ world but they’re just as limited by gender norms as women are. I agree with @deni, society better catch up and see the value in men performing ‘women’s tasks’ like parenting and staying at home and wanting custody, etc.

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That it is a 3 letter word from the English language meaning the plural of ‘man’ – an adult male human being.

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I always get pretty frustrated with the huge amount of stereotypes put onto men. It’s unfair that so many people say that all men care about is sports, drinking, and sex, when I know most men are more complex than that.

Why do men have to be simple?

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Men – can’t live with them and they’re everywhere!

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Men are all BEASTS!

…and isn’t it great? :)

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They are easier to understand, for me, than most women.
And I don’t think they ever understand that when a woman is jogging for her health that it makes it really uncomfortable for us to work out in public when guys stare at your boobs as you run.
And no. There isn’t a bra invented that can keep the girls in check when they are above a B cup.

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For a long time I was afraid of them, unfortunately. And I didn’t know any except on a very superficial level until I got to uni. All I knew was what I saw in my neighborhood growing up (bad) and school and church (people with power and authority over me).

Only in the last few years am I learning that most men aren’t just looking to be mean, selfish or lord it up over others.

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@lucillelucillelucille yah yah and yah….you could not beat your way out of wet paper sack!

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I have a better opinion of the group in general than I used to because of a select few here. You sweethearts know who you are.
I look forward to finding one with whom I can connect and share all the things in life, great and small. I used to feel the oppposite and after the break up with my ex I was afraid that I would hate all of them. I don’t.

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Generally, I like them. I do have a favorite, though.

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I’ve never eaten one, but I can imagine they would be quite tasty LOLL

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I wish someone would eat me.

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@ChazMaz OK I’ve got my barbecue sauce ready…. I will be round later :-)

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This question got kinky really fast.

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Kinky nothing.. Grill me up and take a doggy bag home.

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I don’t particularly care for them. But I don’t enjoy women, either.

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@TheOnlyNeffie It always gets kinky when @ChazMaz answers. :-)

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Chaz and Chyna. Now that’s kinky. :-)

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On the whole I like them. Yes, I have been extremely irritated by the male species in the past and yes, I have been frustrated by the immaturity that some young men seem to have (immaturity in either gender obviously frustrates me though) but pretty much, every adult man I know that is over 30 years old, I enjoy the company of.

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