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Metrosexual male, what are your views?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21514points) August 16th, 2010

Do some men overdo it or is it perfectly acceptable?

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To each his own. Really, I don’t care what anyone else is doing as long as they aren’t hurting people.

I do not find it attractive, however. That is just my personal preference.

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They can act/dress however they want. Yeah, to me it is kinda silly and I laugh, but it’s not in a demeaning way. I have no problem with gay people, but if a guy is flamboyantly gay, it’s just hard to not laugh.

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It doesn’t matter what anyone chooses to wear or look like.
As for what I am attracted to?That is an entirely different story…;)

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Some people “overdo” lots of things. This is just another interest/taste/means of expression. It’s not exactly harmonious with my own forms of expression, but it is similar in a few ways.

I appreciate men with a fashion sense and a feminine side.

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I think a man should be a little rugged.

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Live and let live…

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I think “metrosexual” is just code for “cares more about his hygiene than the standard masculine stereotype allows.” Personally, I love the idea of men doing things like, oh, shaving their chest hair and any other hair below the neck, using lovely smelling soaps, taking care of their nails, spending some time on their hair, etc.

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I think it’s strange there had to be some word invented to described a man with polished grooming habits. Personally I prefer men who tend to their finger and toenails, stray ear and nose hairs, floss their teeth, keep soft moisturized skins, trimmed pubes, etc.

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It depends. Is he cute?

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It’s not just good grooming that’s attractive… men who keep themselves up often have good taste, too. A man who looks good in a suit and likes food, wine, and culture is very sexy.

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It’s all good. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time and energy to dress as nice as (or worse, nicer) than the ladies.

Give me some clothes, good shoes, slap on the Old Spice and I’m good to go,

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@zen_: You wanna hear a secret? If I wasn’t socially pressured to dress up so nice for certain occasions, I wouldn’t. It’s nice if you put as much effort in your appearance.

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@KatawaGrey I can do it effortlessly. I could even just keep a few suits and ties and shirts that match. I am also colour blind and could care less about fabrics and colours. So I could be construed as metro – if I dress up to go out. I just don’t think about it – or shop that much. Less is more, for men, I believe. Certain social situations call for certain dress codes, which is fine. Metrosexuality… that’s another ball game; or it wouldn’t be a term unto itself. (imho).

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@zen_: I think metrosexuality is a response to all the work women do on a regular basis. My body is virtually hairless from the neck down. It would be pretty damn awesome if my boyfriend had no hair on his body too. Just from an equality standpoint, it’s nice that some men are eliminating that double standard.

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@KatawaGrey Personally I like a little body hair on a guy. I think it’s sexy. Unless it’s on the back or butt. That’s not very sexy.

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@gypsywench: A little hair doesn’t trigger the gag reflex but have a tendency to have more hair on one leg than I have practically on my whole body and it’s not cool. I also hate waking up with a face full of pit hair. Although, my boyfriend has the cutest little self-contained patch of chest hair and i think I’d miss it if he shaved it. :)

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