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Have you ever felt like you know too much and wish you could go back to a time when you didn't know the things you do?

Asked by whatnot (589points) August 16th, 2010

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and knowledge is sorrow. Agree or disagree? Why?

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I know “to much for my age” but having this knowledge has made me stronger. i am thankful that i am not ignorant

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If you ever get to the point where you think you know too much,there will always be someone out there who will prove you wrong ;)

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No, I’d rather be sad and aware than happy and a fool

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I have never thought I know “too much,” quite the opposite, my entire life has been one long quest for knowledge.

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My accumulated knowledge is so much a part of how I perceive myself. I agree with the first three answers. I wish I could talk and writing so my knowledge would be less likely to alienate so many terrific people who have not had the educational opportunities I enjoyed.

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No, I never wished that. I would like to go back into time knowing what I know now. I think that would be more helpful.

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Yes, at times what you don’t know can’t hurt you!

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Oh, I do think that in many cases ignorance is bliss.
I think I understand what you’re asking. I’m not very educated. I’m certainly not any more intelligent than average, but I do sometimes wish that I didn’t know some things. Sometimes a bit of naivety can give us more room to be hopeful and optimistic.
Otherwise there are really no benefits to knowing less.

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I agree that ignorance is bliss with some things. I know too much about some of the things that happened during my husband’s previous deployments. I wish I didn’t know some of those things because now I worry about those things happening again in addition to my own thoughts and fears. For example, one time he was almost shot in the head by the guy in the next room cleaning his rifle. So, in addition to worrying about what’s going on in general, I have to wonder if the people around him are going to make similar mistakes.

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@ZEPHYRA oh but it can. If you don’t know that there is such thing as killers and rapists and you go out late at night not knowing that it could not only hurt you but it could kill you.

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No. We should never fear truth and growth.

I do beleive in keeping kids as innocent as possible for as long as possible, but life happens, knowledge happens, it’s a good thing.

Ignorance is usually much more harmful, unless it is a child ignorant of the really ugly stuff in life. It pained me greatly when I had to make my daughter aware that not everyone was a good person.

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No, although I have often wished I could get through to a solution to cope with “knowledge” or implement improvements more quickly. What’s interesting is that frequently the antidote to losing one’s ignorance/bliss is simply deciding to focus on and make room for the positive.

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Wisdom > Ignorance

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There are definitely times where I have felt this for various reasons, but overall, the positives of knowledge outweigh the negatives.

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Yep, the truth hurts and when you are taken by surprise and you find out you have been fooled all along you find out what you are really made of. A rewind button would be real nice at times like those!

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I certainly do feel this way sometimes but certain things one can’t unlearn and I’d rather know the truth about the world than live ignorant of my effect on others.

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My gut reaction was I’d rather not know some things, but then i read @Winters answer and changed my mind. No one wants to play the fool, especially not me. So I guess knowing is my answer

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None of us know too much. Ignorance is one of the most harmful things in this life. I’ve a lot to learn and a lot of room for growth

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I can’t imagine knowing too much. Knowledge is power.

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As Bob Seger sings in “Against the Wind” ...


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I don’t think that I know too much, nor do I blame all my sorrow and misery on the little that I do know. In fact, as far as that in itself stands, I wish I knew what I might know today, but years ago.
Maybe it wouldn’t have helped none though, who knows lol.

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I am ignorant, but curious – and never think I know enough. Always learning, always thinking. Searching, sometimes finding.

It is bliss. For me.

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Regarding ignorance being bliss—it’s only for the blissful according to this old link I dug up.

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