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Do pets get jealous?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) August 16th, 2010

I’ve been told that cats and dogs do not have the capacity to experience jealousy… but I find it very hard to believe.

If I sit on my sofa all 3 cats and both dogs pile on. I pet one, the rest get pushy. I’m not imagining it, so what would it be if it isn’t jealousy?

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I believe they do.My cat will kick some a$$ if she feels slighted ;)

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I think so.

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when my mom waters her plants and cared for them my passed cat would stare evily at them.

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With every dog I’ve owned, it sure as hell seems like it.

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I’ve never heard that they don’t get jealous. From my experience, it definitely seems like they do get jealous.

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Whether they feel jealous or not, they certainly compete for attention, food, treats and so on.

We do not have a direct way to measure emotions in non-verbal creatures.

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My cats exhibit behaviors that I can interpret as jealousy. My baby boy will sometimes try to bully the other cats when he sees me paying a lot of attention to them.

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Must be. Our dog Penny, she’s almost a year old now & she follows me everywhere like my shadow sometimes. One of the wife’s friends who recently had a baby comes around our house & I make a fuss over the baby, oochie coochie etc. She stands patiently waiting wagging her tail demanding attention. Green eyed monster!!

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When I was married, our dog would get between me and my husband on the couch and lay lengthwise to keep us apart. We interpreted this as jealousy.

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I believe so for sure!

My geese as an example, the gander gets a pissy look in his eye when I fawn too much over the female.

She has needed special care the last few months recovering from a sprained hock.

Sometimes when I am cuddling her and telling her how well she is doing with her walking and I put her down, Marwyn gooses her, pushes her out of the way and gets in my face for his attention. lol

Horses too…they can get very jealous and pissy when competing for treats.

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Yes, i definitely believe so! When my older kitty was still alive, my current kitty would get very annoyed and jealous if i gave her (the other one) attention, he’d want to swipe at her or pounce on her or tackle her.

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Of course they do. thats why they piss or shit on the clothing, bedspace, or shoes of a human rival for their SO’s affection. And that’s why one will play alpha dog/cat/critter when it comes to claiming space closest to their person.

@Coloma Marwin acts just like my Jacky did to his sister although he loved her too. But he clearly had first dibs on me. And if I had her lying on my chest too long kneading and purring, he’s come kick her off.

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My old siamese years ago pooped right on my ex husbands pillow when we were dating, and…actually peed on his chest in bed one night, I think it was an omen I did not heed! lololol

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@Coloma you should have listened to him. He knew what he was doing. lol

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Yes he did! hahaha

He lived another 8 years and never did like my ex. lol

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Yes… They do I think so too. My dog Dot Dot gets all involved when I take Charlie out of his cage and try to pet him. Charlie is my pet lizard.

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My parent’s have the most affectionate, adorable cat:
when the attention is directed towards her-
If another animal or person comes in the house and
the focus shifts to them, She instantly turns into a grumpy cat,
staring down her ” competitor” and occasionally the fur
along the middle of her back will raise up. she will sit in solitude, and then if nobody
acknowledges her she will go rub against the persons leg until attention is shifted back to her..

Pretty sure my betta fish gets jealous too. hahaha. that’s a little more difficult to gauge.

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Our rabbit is insanely jealous…he is even jealous of the furniture.

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hahaha…care to explain this a little more in depth?

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My dog, broke a dish in the kitchen – doing her marauding, and found my boy toy’s dirty undies to chew on and stop the bleeding. Florence nightingale for herself.

funniest thing ever.

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Sadie is jealous of my s/o!

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I believe it! My mom has insisted on having several cats all her life and they always would pee/spray on anything belonging to my stepdad. His car tires, his workbench, his rolls of house plans, his clothes, his side of the bed. Blech.

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Dogs certainly do. It’s demonstrated when a dog favours one member of the family and attacks another. Although, like with people, it’s not all dogs. Mine doesn’t seem to experience jealousy.

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@Coloma No matter who sits next to me on the couch, their feet get attacked by the rabbit and even when I sit on the couch the couch gets attacked!

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Well, you better stop wearing that carrot suit. lol

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@Coloma Here all along I thought it was the bunny ears!!

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I thought my dog doesn’t get jealous till I held a baby in my arms. He never had a problem with me holding babies before but my cousins baby girl kept cooing in my arms and she latched on to me the first time I held her. I guess my response with her was in kind and my dog kept jumping around me and barking. I thought he wanted to meet her so I put her down next to him. He snorted at her and jumped on my lap. When I put him down to pick her up he continued to act like an idiot. He was desperately pawing my legs and didn’t stop when I yelled at him. When her mom got her, he jumped back on my lap and sniffed me all over and tried to lick me. I think he was trying to get rid of her scent.
We thought maybe he didn’t like her but when my husband held her, he paid him no mind.
I know Ceasar would say it was just him being possessive but that comes from jealousy the last time I looked.

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I could write about Rudiconiferous from now until next Tuesday! He was a 20+ lb. shelter cat until 8 years ago, when he died and went to heaven…heaven being our house. Mr. Rude has taken over, completely, and out of the goodness of his heart, lets us live here…as long as we pay the taxes and buy his favorite food.

And, yes, he makes it very apparent that is jealous. And, he even gives me a nod on clothing choices.

He’s a wild man. I can’t imagine what he was like before he was ‘noodled’.

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i think they do feel jealousy or more like feeling left out. some pets get separation anxiety. Cats do in a more discrete way. Ever been ignored by your cat? Dogs seem more open about being dissed. I have two big dogs and when I go someplace with one I can tell the other one feels left out. So I try to split my time with them about as even as i can. One thing I can tell is that when it’s time for the other dog’s turn to go someplace it seems he, or she, has forgotten all about not getting to go the time before. Try to do that with people.

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My old guy that passed away in May was so distraught while I was traveling overseas last spring. My daughter said all he did was meow the whole time I was gone and she was checking in on him.

The night I came home he was in heaven, didn’t stop purring for days, following me everywhere. always touching my cheek with his paw.

Those last few months of his life were so special, that cat loved me and I loved him. :-(

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Awww @Coloma that brought a tear to my eye :(

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You and me both. he was the ‘one’...the one of a lifetime.

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My pets always showed that type of jealousy, but they are intelligent enough to learn that i was only have enough love for all of them. But ofcourse, I always talked to them like they are children that developing and learning to know what the world is all about.

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Yes they can get jealous.

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Jealousy and territoriality are the rule rather than the exception in the animal kingdom.

I would wager that your friends and family can invade your territory in ways that you would not allow total strangers to, so it’s less extreme amongst animals that live together… usually.

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My dog gets jealous if I have a conversation with my aunt. He’ll sit next to us, wrinkle his brows and start barking if we talk for more than like five minutes, and he runs back and forth and puts his nose against my hand.

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My dog is extremely jealous of the cat. Its very strange.

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Remember they are almost just like little children, that only want your love and full attention, especially if they were the only ones in the home at first. But they do understand and can learn to share.

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