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What are unwritten bathroom rules?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 16th, 2010

I heard this question asked before and Im not sure what a good answer may be. Do you have any answers?

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Flush when you are done!

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Don’t miss your target. If you do, clean up your mess.
Flush the toilet.
Wash your hands.
Turn on the fan when necessary.
Put new toilet paper up when you finish off the last roll.

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put the goddamn seat down boys!!

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Courtesy flush
Always put the seat down (Wife’s always reminding me of this)
Above all, never never never x a million glance at the paper after wiping….......ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!

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Pull your pants down first! ;)

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Guys, make sure you clean up splashback, or this could happen…..

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put that seat down boys…....

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@Blackberry Wow that movie was soo stupid! lol

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@Brenna_o Lol! Yeah it’s just a funny skit.

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if its brown seriously fucking flush it! my boyfriends ex roommate WHO WAS A GIRL and gross would TAKE A SHIT AND LEAVE IT. WHY?!!!!!!

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@Blackberry that skit is hilarious!

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@deni I’m always more surprised when I hear of a woman doing that lol…..Wtf….

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I can’t stand it when someone is trying to converse with me through the bathroom door while I’m on the toilet.

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@gypsywench Yeah I know huh? It’s like…...there’s excrement coming out of me right now….I don’t want to hear your voice lol.

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Wipe the seat if you drip on it.

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@Blackberry lmfao. I love curb.

Clean up the toothpaste that splatters everywhere sometimes while you’re brushing your teeth. I hate the white spots on the mirror.
Clean your goddamn hair out of the shower drain.

And to address the seat up issue: I agree with putting it down. Although once I used a bathroom in a frat house, and put the seat back up. I mean hey, all guys live there. I remember this one kid was all freaked out that I’d done that. I also put it up when I was at my boyfriend’s apartment. All male roommates…

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Wipe the seat if you leave anything behind.
Flush it, especially if it’s brown. Unless it’s the middle of the night and then you shouldn’t flush because waking me up is bad.
Turn the fan on if you need to.
If you used the last of the paper, please replace it. Nothing like getting there to find I have to get up again.
At work especially, if I’m going, leave me alone! Do not follow me there!

To end the seat controversy: Everyone put down the seat and the lid. Everyone

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@lucillelucillelucille I actually once started peeing and didn’t realize my thong was still on. Oh boy. I had pulled down the shorts and assumed the underwear came with, as it usually does. Nope… you can imagine my confusion when I didn’t hear the pee hitting the water. Lawl.

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1) Don’t poo or pee anywhere that you are not supposed to.

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@Blackberry Okay, I haven’t watched CYE, and I don’t like Seinfeld, but that was pretty amusing.

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Women, please don’t hover and leave a mess on the seat or the floor.
Men step up to the bowl, it is shorter than you think.
Please don’t turn the paper roll over to correct the home owner’s “error.”
If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the damn seat.
Please don’t leave used personal hygiene products on display.

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@Blackberry Love Curb Your Enthusiasm :)

Clean up after yourself
Turn on the fan if needs be

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Don’t set fire to the hand towel to get rid of the smell. I learnt that the hard way.

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Never write unwritten bathroom rules on the bathroom walls.

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@gypsywench HAHA same! Especially if its people you dont even know in wal mart.!.! Lol..

One that just came to my mind… DONT answer your phone when your on the pot… Its just gross

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flush twice- it’s a long way to city hall

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Same with running the sink the whole time you’re washing your hands. It shouldn’t have to be said.

@Blackberry YES!!!!!

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@SundayKittens Definitely, I use one paper towel and actually use that wet towel to wipe my face off if I’m sweaty at a club lol.

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@Blackberry We are so perfect!!!! :D

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I have never heard of or seen a man replace tp . Never.

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@Aster I replace toilet paper….at my own place…....

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@Blackberry IF you live alone you MUST do it. Right? But if a guy lives with a female? Nada; nope; never. let the old lady do it; I’m busy.

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@Aster Lol…...Yeah I live alone, now…finally. Although when I was married I did replace it there also because we had two bathrooms and it only seemed fair for me to look after one, right? :)

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@Blackberry that is very noble of you to be fair w/tp. So foreign to me!

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Don’t write on the walls and doors; especially not at home or at a friends. ~


Man’s ambition must be small
To write his name on a shithouse wall.

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