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Got something that just drives you nuts? Let's see if it's a condition - or if the shrinks have a name for it.

Asked by zenele (8252points) August 16th, 2010

Calling all Doctors, Head Shrinkers and amateur Psychologists:

I hate it when someone says: I’ll be there in 5 minutes – and then they are late. I really hate it when someone says, mid phone call conversation, “I’ll call you back in a minute” – and then they either do not call altogether, or call back in 10 minutes.

I don’t mind vagueness, however, should someone say “speak to you later.”

Is there a name for this? Is there a cure?

What’s your foible, quirk, or psychological disorder?

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Late-o-phobia? :-)

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The problem you describe is called BS-itis. Is there a name for getting mad when I bonk my head?? XD I refuse to wear a helmet

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I miss DP. Just saying.

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I hate yellow food!

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word to your momma.

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I completely agree with you. I also hate when people (ahem, tourists) stand outside subway stations or smack in the middle of the street for no reason, trying to figure out gigantic maps..stand to the side, for god’s sake!, stand by a store, why oh why do you have to stand in the middle of everything where everyone is walking? People screaming about hell and brimstone in the subways drive me bonkers, same with those insane ‘free stress test’ dianetics/scientology people. And you know what else: I hate when people sit there on a subway or bus and go through all the ring tones on their cell phones trying (for an hour, apparently) to pick one out – wtf – you’re not alone, nobody needs to hear that..same for people who have to talk to each other across a bus or across the seats on a subway (why does all my hell happen on public transportation)...nobody needs to hear your (usually full of bigoted statements) opinions on that ‘Ay-rab mosK’ situation…seriously!

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Interviewer and interviewee talking about, say, a new apartment building.
Interviewee: “We already warned the constructors that it would turn out much more expensive then they estimated.”
Interviewer: “We come to that later on in the conversation.”
They never come to it later on. Grrrgh.
That is my quirk.

And i hate loud noises.
And CAPITALS (them being the equivalent to loudness in writings.). Brrrr.

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I hate when people are walking and just stop in the middle of the sidewalk… sometimes i feel like people should have tail lights.

i also HATE when people are late… i make it a point to get everywhere basically on time and if i even think i’m running late, i call in advance.

but i really love fluther

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Yes its called the World Revolves Around me, and I’m an inconsiderate D—- Mania or

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@Pandora Is that what you think of me? Don’t be shy now.

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I HATE when someone jingles change in their pocket. I want to physically hurt them.

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@zenele LOL, Wasn’t diagnosing you, unless you are one of those people???

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@Pandora I asked: Got something that just drives you nuts? Let’s see if it’s a condition – or if the shrinks have a name for it. You answered: Yes its called the World Revolves Around me, and I’m an inconsiderate D—- Mania or WRAM-AID.

Are you saying you are bi-polar (let’s be a little more PC about mental illness) or are you suggesting that I am? I am, but it has nothing to do with hating people who say they will call or be somewhere in x amount of time – and then don’t.


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I figured you question could go one of two ways. Diagnose the people you describe or how you feel about them. I think most people are not tolerant of inconsiderate people. So why not diagnose the inconsiderate people?

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Grocery stores…why do people hog the aisles with their shopping carts? They park their carts in the middle of the aisle while they study the merchandise. They have no consideration for anyone who may be trying to get pass and I guess they are waiting for someone me to say ‘excuse me, can I get through’. Dammit! just be considerate.

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I hate it when someone slurps like drinking tea. I hate slurping sounds.
Slurp-a-phobia. Hmmm

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In all aspects of my life, I am calm, but my road rage is so debilitating that I have to breath deeply to keep myself from passing people on the shoulder, or tailgating them with a foot in between us lol.

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If you don’t like something, either speak up, change the situation or leave.

The rest is insanity.

Complaining is a waste of time & energy.

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Nothing drives me nuts. idiotic moderation .Ever.

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I remember my son’s 5 year old friend coming in the house very frustrated one day and shouting, “Everybody wants to do what they want to do, nobody wants to do what I want them to do!” I suffer from “bossy personality disorder.”

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I can’t stand bent paper corners. I will literally get up and fix someones piece of paper if it has a bent corner. Ughhhhhhhh!!

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I hate it when people bitch constantly about how horrible their lives are and how bad they have it and constantly beg for the validation of others but perpetuate their own minuscule problems by not taking the good advice others give them.

Basically, I hate it when people lack perspective.

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Okay, the ONLY thing that really drives me nuts are needy women that can’t live without relationships. Gah….I am sensitive to their self esteem issues, but, talk about pathetic…geez….power up girls!

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@Coloma Indeed. I am all for women’s power ^^b

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I hate three-tined forks. They freak me out. I have no idea why.

I also hate radishes. Oddly enough, It really bothers me when people eat radishes in front of me. It’s as if they are flaunting their love of the vegetable. I hate how brazen they are. Seriously, who eats radishes?

I’m also one who hates lateness. I try very hard not to be late and if I am, usually it is by no more than a few minutes which most people don’t consider late.

@Coloma: Interestingly enough I hate it when people tell me to stop complaining. After all, if all those people 90 years ago had stopped complaining, neither you nor I could vote.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I have been a victim of this in the past, but it was easily dispatched by my reason telling me to shut the fuck up lol.

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@KatawaGrey Hahahah! Wow…....I think you are being serious..but it’s still hilarious…How dare those pompous assholes eat radishes in your presence.

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@Blackberry: Haha. I know, it’s weird. I never say anything to anybody cuz I know how ridiculous it is but damn, those radishes are just awful! :P

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I hate it when someone picks their teeth with a fork after eating, or sucks the food out of their teeth (with their tongue) after a meal.

My Dad does this.

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Of course.

If complaining changes something great, otherwise it’s a waste of energy.

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@KatawaGrey Damn those radishes.

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@Blackberry I’ve been there too dude. I was a depressed, nervous, whiny wreck, but I told myself to man the fuck up and be glad I don’t live in Darfur. I wish other people would do the same, but whatever…

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What you are experiencing might be something that the Gallup Organization as found to be the strength called “Responsibility”. Essentially, it is a driving desire to follow through with what you commit to. Everyone has their own degree of responsibility, but for some, it just isn’t as high up on their hard-wired list as other things are.

IMO, I admire and rely on people who have such a degree of responsibility. My former supervisor is highly responsible and gets frustrated when people are late or don’t show up at all for weekly meetings. She views it as a sign of disrespect for the rest of the team. If they communicate to her or one of us beforehand about their situation, she’s fine with it.

There can also be times when the responsibility can be overused, and then it becomes a weakness. Our supervisor walked her talk and we loved her dearly, but if she had held us to her level of standards, there would have been a mutiny. Our work was just too fast-paced with constant changes in priorities. It came down to learning how to effectively communicate to each other about the status of things.

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All around me people seem to be coming down with “ummoreah” sudden and frequent moments of pause…sometimes misdiagnosed as “deerinheadlightitis” syndrome. Ummoreah is characterized by a trance like state that follows direct questions that require decisive answers like “what were you doing”? “Where were you”? How old are you”? and the all important “what is your name”? and the unmistakable gutteral sound of “ummmmm” eminates in a drone like pattern. The only know remedy is a sharp well delivered slap in their face and for super severe cases…setting their hair on fire is a last resort treatment protocol.

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I love radishes. I used to go get as many as a dozen out of the fridge and put them in a little bowl of icewater and munch away. I love all sorts of raw crunchy vegetables. I hope we can still be friends, @KatawaGrey.

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@Jeruba: I’ve seen my mother eat radishes and I still love her. It’s okay. :P

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@rebbel Look up Zeigarnik effect

Not a condition, just an effect. Basically the mind has real issues with incomplete information depending on, well, I’ll explain later. :-)

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I can’t stand selfishness, thoughtlessness, dishonesty, self-serving ignorance of essential facts, lack of respect for others and the planet we inhabit.

I hate it when others try to force their (religious or political) beliefs on others.

I hate bigots and any who promote hatred of others on any basis.

I have no patience for help-rejecting complainers who refuse to take responsibility for solving their own problems but prefer to whine endlessly.

I can’t stand ignorant know it alls who reject facts as a basis for making decisions.

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Hey Doc – What am I paying you for? Go over all the conditions here and give us some names!!!


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@Jeruba : You, me, giant bowl of radishes in icewater, secret location, orgy of crunchiness…be there. Don’t tell @KatawaGrey , I don’t want her barfing. :-)

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I hate the “extras” in a conversation.
Get to the point, I don’t want to hear everything!

Especially when it comes the the news. I don’t care who murdered who. This isn’t any of my business!

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@JilltheTooth, meet me at the next party, over in the corner behind the potted plant. Bring your tooth.

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@Jeruba :-) I’ll bring both of ‘em!

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@meagan What if the news entails information about a rapist, murderer or thief in your neighbourhood?

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@zenele Diagnoses are by private consultation only!

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@meagan This is the main reason why men tune out women when they are talking lol.

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@meagan: I was under the impression that the news was about who murdered who. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any news… Also, just curious, what constitutes “extras” in a conversation?

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@Dr_Lawrence You mean, fluther isn’t private? ;-)

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