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Question about a sim card for a blackberry phone?

Asked by boots74 (66points) March 24th, 2008

I just won a blackberry phone off of ebay. It is a blackberry rim from t-mobile. I have service with t-mobile thinking I could just switch sim cards, but it looks like the sim card for the blackberry is suppose to be bigger. Any ideas on what I can do to be able to use the blackberry?

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You can change the handset on your account without any penalty, I think. Just go into one of the stores and have them attach the new SIM to your current account, and then whack the old one. I think you have to add a data service package, too, since the BB will need some sort of net access to do most of what it does.

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The SIM card for the blackberry is the same size as the one you use in your phones. However, there’s no harm in just walking in to any T-Mobile retail store, give them your phone number and tell them you need a new sim card, just were given a blackberry and you want a new sim card for it, same number and you want to add the unlimited data plan for $20/month. They should have no problem doing it. You should NOT have to pay an activation fee either.

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