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Does anyone know where I can watch the gameplay demo for Bioshock Infinite?

Asked by TexasDude (25249points) August 16th, 2010

So the new Bioshock game was recently announced and it looks like the coolest thing since Charlemagne claimed a monopoly on ass kicking.

I’ve seen the trailer and the website, but I keep hearing mention on websites about a gameplay demo. Unfortunately, my google-fu is weak and I can’t find the video of this demo (assuming it exists).

Anyone care to help?

Also, let’s discuss Bioshock and the possibilities of the new installment in the series (assuming you’re into that sort of thing).

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It existed, but it was a press-only event. No cameras or recording devices allowed. The above link was the best I could find.

Also, I don’t like video games, so sorry, I have nothing to discuss. )’:

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@iWitch, thanks for the link.

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Here’s on of the the trailers for it.

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@dverhey, yep, I’ve seen that one. Thanks anyway, though.

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Yeah, it looks pretty good.

It’s also supposed to be “one” in the sentence above…

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@dverhey, I agree! I knew what you meant, too.

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I’m really glad they went the way they did. After the ending to BS2, I was wondering what they could do, and I thought, “Oh no, I don’t want to spend hours playing in an even more dilapidated rapture than it was in 2.

It has that look and feel of Bioshock, but just seems completely new. And the whole new environment will give us Bioshock with completely new and different possibilities of gameplay and story and surprises. What a way to breathe new life into an already great franchise.

I can’t wait. I was waiting for Halo Reach to come out (even preordered it), and once I saw the Infiniti demo, I was kinda upset b/c I don’t even give a s*** about Reach anymore!

Thanks for making me think of Bioshock again :/

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@mrrich724, dude, the environments in the new Bioshock look amazing. It sounds like it will still have the feel and aesthetic (and story ties) to the original two games, but be a whole new experience in and of itself.

I’m actually not much of a Halo fan, surprisingly.

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I loved Halo until you had to fight the flood. The weapon mechanics are excellent, I like fighting elites, grunts, etc, but the flood are just gross and obnoxious. I don’t care how important they are to the story, if I wanted to fight zombies I’d play Left 4 Dead.

That being said, I haven’t really played Reach.

Infinite does look pretty great, though. I’ve always liked the graphics style they used and the balance between good story/good gameplay/good graphics.

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Here. Looks awesome.

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