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Is Joaquin Phoenix crazy?

Asked by zannajune (1154points) August 16th, 2010

Or is it all a publicity stunt? Perhaps some of you remember the Letterman interview about a year and a half ago where he was acting pretty bizarre. Now there’s a movie coming out that is suppose to be documenting this crazy phase he’s going through. Do you think it’s for real or is he just very good at staying in character?

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No, he’s from a family of entertainers, former cult members and his older brother committed suicide. He makes a lot of money and works hard for it. We all have times we are not in our best, so I wouldn’t pick on a public appearance and say that proves anything.

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He has much more than one public appearance on which we can base our assessments. Yes, he has completely flipped his lid. His cheese has slid off his cracker and his elevator no longer goes to the top. He ain’t wrapped too tight, and if you look at him closely, you can almost see the birds circling ‘round his head. Listen, they’re saying: “Cukoo, cukoo, cukoo!!”
Joining him will be Mr. Crispin Glover.
We can expect more irrationality from them both. Whatever happens, it should be entertaining. I suspect that drugs or alcohol may be involved.

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For a long while, I suspected a very elaborate prank. I’m not so sure anymore. It all makes me sad, because he is one hell of an actor.

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I’m Still Here was shot by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck. Knowing the work that Casey does, I’m hoping this is just an act on Joaquin’s part. These are two intelligent men. with maybe a little crazy thrown in?

I’m very gullible though, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I wouldn’t mind seeing the film.

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How can we know – I don’t think he’s crazy.

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I have a question i often ask.

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I think crazy means you have a lot of trouble getting through your day comfortably. (This is just off the top of my head and not thought out deeply.)

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ERR incorrect. That’s just a person that has a lot of troubles, and has more experience.

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@daytonamisticrip You have a good point. I suppose it’s all relative.

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