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If you could live any place in the world where would it be?

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) March 24th, 2008

you don’t have to worry about cost of living, buying a house, or about how you’ll pay for anything. it’s all taken care of. now, where would you live?

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New Zealand.

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Aboard a C130 cargo aircraft, refitted as a luxury apartment, that rarely lands.

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haha. thats a good answer. i like that you added the “that rarely lands” part.

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Tokyo, Japan

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In a deep woods pine forest. In a medium sized log cabin. Doesn’t really matter where in the world it is.

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the airplane life just reminds me of hadden from the movie contact.

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I Second Switzerland. Interlocken is the city for me.

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Brazil. Because of the beautiful beaches and beautiful women.

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paris, france; it’s “the city of love”.

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On a sailboat.

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On a private island in the Carribean with full amenities. Also, I’d like a yacht big enough to live on as a second home.

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Iceland. No contest.

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On the edge of Jenny Lake in WY. where I could trout fish all day with a beatiful view of the Grand Tetons.

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id go live in athens, greece. (and id own a yacht so i could sail anywhere in the world.)

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New Zealand…...

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I think I (we) have made it…Northern California….
Not the NoCa that everyone thinks is San Francisco or Sacramento…
Were talking 15 minutes to the Oregon border on the Pacific coast…
Were surrounded by Redwood trees, have deer wander through the property and have raccoon an opossum visit every night…
Oh, the occasional bear leaves some scat just to remind us that he too passes thorugh.

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The Pyrenees, either side of the slopes.

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Somewhere secluded in the mountains with a view of a lake and the forest…To wake every morning to the sounds of the woods and smell the fresh air and wath the wildlife. It sounds like heaven to me.

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