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It's easier to smile than to frown by about 14 muscles, but is it easier to love than to hate?

Asked by zenele (8252points) August 17th, 2010


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@zenele Just to let you know this was asked 4 days ago.

Beetroot and cooked celery for me.

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I’m flagging this and asking the mods to remove it. Damn – I’ll never think of another question now!

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@zenele :-) No problem. I’m sure do I’ll the same any time soon.

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@zenele Nice sidestep with the question :-)

In it’s new form I would say that for me you often need one to have the other.

I think you have a choice about either but generally I guess some people find it easier to be negative.

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No, it is not easier to love than hate. Facial muscles don’t decide emotion.

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Well, if you happen to be a sad miserable negative little pissant, then I guess for that individual, hate is kind of endemic. Pity the poor fool.

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@zenele hey, many of us did not see the prior question…let it go.

Bottomline, i’m a lover, not a fighter. Never hated anyone….been mad at a few, but getting glad is not a hard process. But, having said that, don’t push me into a corner, i can frown.

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It’s probably easier to be indifferent.

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I think it’s easier to love than to hate because of the energy they produce. When you hate someone, seeing them or thinking about them often causes negative energy to build up. That response of your body can be very taxing if endured for long periods of time. Love doesn’t seem to be as taxing on the body (at least in my experience), so it is easier to maintain.

The people I hated at one point in time, I am now just indifferent to. It’s much easier that way.

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I find it easier to love. That being hard for someone that wants to hate to accept.

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I agree with ^ and especially with ^^.


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