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Raise your hand if you have been 'saved'?

Asked by kelvynstevens (20points) August 17th, 2010

Since the 1960’s it has been fashionable to “save things”. Save the whales, save the rain forest, save the fur seals, saved historical buildings etc etc. Have any of these campaigns been successful? Do you know of anything which has great importance or value which has actually been “saved” by these campaigns or has all this saving been a bad investment?

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A number of endangered species have been saved from extinction through the efforts of certain groups, yes?

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Save the Tigers.. The survey says:

Here is a breakdown of tiger population estimates by subspecies. Bengal tiger: 1,165–1,657. Indochinese tiger: 1,200–1,800. Malayan tiger: 600–800. Sumatran tiger: 400–500. Siberian tiger: 450–500.

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Save the Mother-In-Law has helped provide safe haven for old out-of-their-mind women who otherwise would have been put out of our misery. They get caring humane treatment out at the ranch where they are allowed to roam free. And twice a week buses bring tourist from the cruise ships to come out and take pictures.

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Cruiser for President.

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Save the humans.

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The badly endangered naugas have been saved. The greedy, unscrupulous furniture industry has stopped killing baby naugas. Naugahyde is no more.

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i’ve been saved. now, i’m an ex. husband.

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I’ve been copied and pasted a few times but never saved.

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I have saved @AstroChuck ‘s picture.

For when it is @AstroChuck day.

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@Adirondackwannabe There will be a “little brown envelope” for you under the doormat later today! ;)

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Only ever saved by the bell at school, nothing else!

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Been saved by my wits more times than I can count. Does that count?

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Thank goodness this question is not about salvation! I was saved from another such discussion.

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I just saved last night… but I still can’t find the CD

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