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Is it safe to buy generic drugs from online pharmacies, can anyone suggest me best online pharmacies?

Asked by roseac (4points) August 17th, 2010

To know the authenticity of the online pharmacies who are selling drugs or medicines online and sometimes they also claim to have prescription medicine, so it is tough to believe everyone as there are hundreds of such types to buy online supply. Any recommendation for any specific website where someone have good experience

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NEVER buy any kind of drug online.
You don’t know whether or not they have been tainted, or if they’re even what they say they are.

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I would never purchase any generic on-line. I recently watched a programme about the horrors that were within the drugs being sold. Keep yourself safe and buy through an actual pharmacy with a pharmacist serving you.

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There are numerous reputable Canadian pharmacies that sell bona fide prescription medicine to patients in the USA at fair prices. Much of the scary disinformation about such legitimate pharmacies comes from gouging US drug companies and pharmacies.

Since I live in Canada, I can get safe, low cost prescription medications locally. I have no experience with the online pharmacies.

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We buy all our medications online, through our Kaiser Permanente Insurance plan.

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