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Who can translate this into english from french?

Asked by iamsophie (36points) August 17th, 2010

Im having trouble translating this and i really want to know what it means because its a piece of art i saw. Please may someone translate this? I know a little french but some of these words i have never seen before. Thankyou.

” Ceci ar difficile att expliquer, da ce que jag veux s’aga n’est pas
alldeles elairmen je skall essayer om je klarar a forklara une partie
av ce que jag pense jag vill dire kommer je sjaly appris nagot qui
kan etre explique”

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” This rear difficult att to explain, da what jag want aga is not
Al elairmen I skall to test om I klarar A will forklara a front
part what jag thinks jag cheap statement kommer I learned sjaly nagot which
kan to be explains”

Now, maybe you get someone to translate that to readable English!

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Although I know some French, this is waaaaaaaaay over me! Is it a combination Arabic-French?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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@ZEPHYRA i’ve the correct answer. Just google translate French to English. Lots of site that will do that.

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This doesn’t look quite French to me… I’m seeing some Swedish? Norweigian? Influences.. I think.

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@TheOnlyNeffie you could be correct, but entered the member’s information in a translation site, and this answer came up. Have no idea.

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There are only 16 words in French; then some Swedish and a language that I can’t ID.

The artist may be trying to make a point about language.

The gist, as far as I can tell:

This is hard to explain; what I want to say is not easy to be clear about: I am going to try…” and so on.

The artist is correct. That is hard to explain. It may be a self-referential statement about trying to talk or write about art. Let the medium do the talking?

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@TheOnlyNeffie is right, it looks like there’s Scandinavian languages in there somewhere, and probably even some more. @iamsophie, can you give us some context? Surely there are people on here who speak odds and ends of several languages, they might be able to chip in with an unknown word here or there. It might help if we knew where the quote was from.

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“Jag kan” = I can.

“att” = that

This is textbook Swedish; the rest is either gibberish or slang.

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don’t know this will shed any light…this is from Google Translation. This is a great site…check it out!|en|

Swedish to English translationShow romanization

“Ceci s difficile that expliquer, da ce que veux I n’est pas s’aga
elairmen be quite je je do Essays on a une partie Explain
by ce que PANSY I wish I will dire je sjaly something appris qui
can etre explique ”

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The original text is not proper French. It contains non-words or at least non-French words.

Give me a proper French paragraph and I will be glad to translate it. Please excuse the haughty French attitude about proper French. I come by that honestly! My grandmother is from Paris and at 103 writes better French than that!

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This is a polyglot of a number of languages. Here’s what I get from it:

This is difficult to explain, but if I can’t do it, I don’t know who can.

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This is all i got from my limited French, and so so Swedish.

“This is difficult to explain, i will not kneel
completely. I shall try again what i in part explained.
what I will say come to think, I learned “unknown word” something that
can be explained ”

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We’re repeating ourselves here. The clue, I suspect, is that this text is a piece of art on display somewhere. What does a combination of several languages and perhaps some invented words have to do with art? (Untimed and take-home. Two pages, please.)

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@iamboston think you maybe close to the answer.

@iamsophie would love to see your reply. Stayed up all night worrying about this…loll

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