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Is it better to eat breakfast before or after a morning workout?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) March 24th, 2008

Should you eat first to kick-start your metabolism? Or vice versa?

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This is personal opinion only, but I would say after. Working out on a full stomach could make you ill.

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When to you wake up, and when does the workout start?

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I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn, and running or shooting a vigorous hour of hoops on alternating days.

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Well, if there is no delay from the time you awake to the time you start to workout, do not eat. If you have at least 30 minutes before you start, a very light breakfast wouldn’t hurt. Just make sure it is not too high in sugars, salts or fats.

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I think you have to do what’s best for you. Some people puke if they eat beforehand, and some people can’t work out without a little something in their belly. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on the matter since I was a swimmer in college and we were always listening to speeches from different nutritionists and coaches, and all I really learned is that everyone has their own opinion on the matter. I’ve heard that you should eat a little something before you go, but some people have also suggested that the most crucial time to put a small amount of carbohydrates back into your body is immediately following a workout. For this, someone once suggested that on our way out of the pool we should eat a handful of gummy bears, just to replace the carbs quickly before we shower, change, drive home from the gym, whatever. It doesn’t have to be gummy bears obviously, but I think that immediately after your workout is a good time to give yourself a little jolt of energy, then you can go home and eat a normal-sized breakfast.

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30 minutes after workout or 30 minute before, so I was just told be a workout guru!

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Definitely 35–45 before the work out. No a huge breakfast either, we’re talking 500 to 600 calories. Your body needs the fuel before strenuous activity. Save the larger meal for after the work out. Again, another 35–45 mins. High protein, lean fats, and complex carbs. I work professionally as a personal trainer, trust me you’ll notice a difference in your performance if you’re fueled right.

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I read an book once that said your body is in it’s most effective fat-burning mode upon waking up. So if your goal is to lose fat, wait about an hour after your workout to eat.

(I’m not sure, but I think the book was Body for Life if you want to check out my source.)

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I puke if I eat before a workout.

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if i don’t have something small (apple, oatmeal, granola/cereal bar) before i workout, i get shaky and light headed. this is true for morning or evening/after work sessions

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What Poser said. I read that recently, as well.

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What about drinks like gatorade and powerade? Or energy drinks like red bull? Or is it better to just have water?

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i had also heard what Poser said about working out first because your body will burn body fat more if u eat after working out. but recently read in an article in that this is a myth and that you should eat b4 your workout. check that site out, it has so many great articles.

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You’ll want the carbs for your workout (energy bar), and the protein afterwards to rebuild the muscle.

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eat before your workout. It boost the metabolicic rate and feeds the cells.

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you need to eat about 300 calories before your workout, if you are working out just after waking up. i used to have practice every morning at 5:30. For the first two years of school I would skip eating, because I thought I’d get sick (and because i’d get up too late and only leave myself enough time to get to the boathouse) The last two years, I tried it out and I never felt better. It could be as small as a granola bar, or an apple, just something for your muscles to fuel on, rather than themselves.

You should eat with 15–25 minutes of finishing your activity. You should actually do this even if you are not looking to lose weight. Your body needs to refuel and recover as soon as possible. We were given a liquid whey protein drink after practice…gross but we felt a lot better when the afternoon workout came around. (SPR-3 comes in powdered form, put a scoop in 8oz of water…NCAA compliant of course)

You should try some different things to see what works for you. Everyone reacts differently.

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I agree with scamp, unless you digest food quickly you’re likely to feel sick, or have a harder time working out with a full stomach.

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I’ve always read by the experts, that is it better after and not right after….at least 30 minutes.

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Which experts? Many of us who have answered have experience with fitness workouts and sports, and your answer seems so contradict ours.

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