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Skill needed to write an app for the iPad?

Asked by sharpstick (532points) August 17th, 2010

What skills/knowledge would I need to have in order to write an app for the iPad/iPhone?

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have you made programs before? eg. do you know about python, java, .net, visual basic etc?

if not visual basic is easy to design on a lot of it has a gui for the basic ‘mock up’ also python is considered good to learn with…(personally I hate programming).

have a look at the Apple Dev site, prob your best resource as I doubt there are any/many devs on fluther

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you would need to learn Objective-C to program on the iPhone, and iPad. You can download the SDK for free but it costs to be able to publish your apps.

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What would you like to write? I’m a skilled developer and perhaps we could work something out thats fair for both of us. PM me

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I was afraid of that. I should have learned C when I had the chance. :) How powerful / fast are apps written in Visual Basic on the iPad? The app I have in mind would have to quickly navigate a large amount of text (in the app), re-arrange it quickly, and make it easy to read.

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@sharpstick no you have to use the apple sdk which @wgallios mentioned was Objective-C which is similar to C…

I mentioned VB only to see if you had a basic grasp of programming in general. I think if you were to teach yourself the apple language though you’ld be in good step for a job where ever you go. There’s always work and good pay for good programmers!

To what level are you at with programming? I studied a Computer Science based degree but would never call myself a programmer, I moved into the business end but know the basics of programming ok.

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I think it all comes down to the type of app you are trying to make. If you are familiar with programming somewhat, there are a lot of guides online that can show you how to get through many of the basics so you can get your app created. For example if your looking to do something Google maps.

But however if your are looking to create something like a game, that might be a bit more advanced.

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Years ago I started to teach myself C++ and was getting my mind around it when I met the girl who would be my wife and got distracted. :)

I do know my way around JavaScript a fair bit, but I know that that is amateur league.

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I don’t think vB has a compiler for the iPad…..

I don’t even think java does….

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