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How to do good at school?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) August 17th, 2010

So as most of you may maybe know, I moved to Denmark this summer and I will be staying here for a year, Yesterday I just started college as a Pre-IB student. I am good at English. Well the problem is that I’ve been living in Iceland for 4 years, there we learn everything in Icelandic except for english class. The last time I learned every single school subject was from 1st-7th grade in Zambia. So I am much used to Icelandic than English, today was the actual first day of studying, we learned Physics and our first lesson was taking a questionnaire which I didn’t understand much of:/ Physics I understood some of it, but not everything….
Now what about math class and history or whatsoever? I will SUCK!

help me please? I need to understand more, I don’t think I am bad at vocabulary, but it’s just that I haven’t been using english 24/7 in the past years.

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I don’t think any first day is ever indicative of how you’ll do in school – you should be proud that you’ve been exposed to many different educational paradigms and environments and remind yourself that you’re not the last nor the first person to be in this position – any person can do well in school, you just have to breathe and know what questions to ask and when.

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If some of the problem is listening to the lectures in English, perhaps you could record the lectures so that you could listen to them again at your own pace. Listening to them again could help with your comprehension of what’s being said. In addition to that, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If you find that you are having trouble understanding concepts, ask your teachers about it or ask if they can recommend a tutor. Good luck!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir and @Seaofclouds , thank you, then I’ll just keep on doing my work and right now I am reading again over the physics we did ttoday, wri-writing it, then I think I’ll understand more, also if I use my own words than what the teacher says.

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If you’ve been exposed to English but default to Icelandic, spend some time immersing yourself in it to activate the English in your memory. Listen to English music, watch English movies, read English books—anything to get that part of your mind rolling again. You’ll pick it up soon enough!

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@KTWBE , I DO! This summer I’ve been reading Harry Potter, I always listen to English everything! News, TV shows music, EVERYTHING!
But I still feel that I am not good enough!

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When using English, think in that language. You will need to carefully check your spelling and grammar so your grades will fully reflect your subject knowledge.

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@Dr_Lawrence , I am training myself on the not thinking in icelandic only english thing, we’ll see if it works. So when I was in Physics class later today I took some notes in my school/diary/organizer book, I came home and wrote them again much neatly in my Physics book. I also went through what I didn’t understand like quantifiable, cucolies or something,(the things that moves much faster when energenized by hot water)
Also I learned about the word luminous (something illuminated, bright light)

So I am thinking of always doing this everyday, for all the subjects (if I can manage doing it and stand to it) if not then I do the ones that I really don’t understand more…

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@Thesexier It sounds like you’re on the right track, then. When it comes to super technical stuff in your Physics class, that’s all part of the science vocabulary. Most of your class is probably going to be learning or relearning those words, too. Keep up your confidence and practice with any living breathing English-speaker you can find. Your responses here on Fluther are in great, 100% understandable English – you’re doing great.

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@KTWBE , Thank you!:)
-revising what we learned in General Linguistics class -Latin :D

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