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Have any of you used or any other 'get paid to take a survey' type site?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) August 17th, 2010

In this economy, there are so many online opportunities to make a little extra cash but there are also a lot of schemes. Have any of you tried or any other survey type site? What was your experience?

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the ones ive tried were fake, bigspot however i havent tried. oh create a new email just in case, i used one and the next day my inbox had like 300 new messages >.> spam

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I use Zoom Panel and Survey Savvy. They are legitimate, and I’ve not ever been spammed! I’ll send you links privately if you’d like!

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@SundayKittens : yesss please! that’d be great. thank you!

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Be careful of this website. Here is a short peek at their disclaimer.

This Website is offered “as is”

There are a lot of websites out there that can show you proof and physical address of legit online survey companies. My opinion but I would steer clear of this 1.

Bigspot Scam

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I haven’t tried any of these but i think you might like It won’t make you rich but you can make a few bucks to do your laundry, buy lunch etc. It’s also owned by AMAZON.COM so it’s legitimate. Last year I made about $550. Not bad. For surveys try they are a little spammy but they are legit. I’ve been with them for about 3 years now.

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