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How do I find and delete flash cookies?

Asked by Kraigmo (8181points) August 17th, 2010

This article below says that Disney Corp. and others maliciously installed flash cookies, which are undetectable and undeletable in the normal ways that apply to regular cookies.

So how does one find flash cookies? How does one delete them?

I currently use Spybot, Anti-Malwarebytes, Threatfire, plus one major antivirus program. Do any of these already solve this issue?

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I read a similar story on the BBC recently and they suggest that you can alter your Flash players privacy settings via the Adobe website, specifically the Global Security Settings panel

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Thanks @RareDenver . So I went into that link, then I went into the 6th tab (the Monitor with Eyeball) and then saw something I never knew about: practically every website I’ve ever visited stored in what I presume are flash cookies. Hundreds of websites. Even though I’ve deleted my cookies once a month for years now. There they were: years worth of cookies, with an option to delete them. I then went into Flash’s FAQs and it said that Flash Player settings override Browser settings.

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If you use a mac, check out the application “Flush”

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If you use Firefox, get the add-on “Better Privacy”
Any PC base get WinPatrol from BillP Studios. It is free and you can get it at

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