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Can I travel to England even though I have a Felony?

Asked by mrmijunte (1159points) August 17th, 2010

Ok. I have a felony in the U.S. federal drug charge. No longer on supervised released (probation) and I have my passport. I’ve heard that because I am a felon I cannot travel to Canada, U.K, Australia, Japan. Is this true? And what about the Schengen agreement, say I go to France first, can then I go to England and be accepted beacause of this “treaty”? Thnx!

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well we have a lot of shits in the country so they probably should let you in given that anything can get you a felony in the US…

if you go in via France by ferry or train, probably because boarder control isn’t that tight but by air, I dunno, its a different story.

these are the people to contact though

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As @Tobotron says, I would definitely check with the Home Offcie before venturing it.

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Didn’t we refuse Mike Tyson a visit? Or did he just end up buying his way in anyway? How much money have you got?

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I don’t know the answer to your question, I just wanted to point out that the UK is not part of the Schengen agreement that allows for free travel within the area, so you still have to go through border security.

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I know that recently Chris Brown was ‘t allowed entry to the UK because of what he did to Rhianna! not sure of the exact details but if they can stop a major musician, it’s likely they’ll stop you!

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If you look at the UK immigration law, you will find that,

(iii) refusal [of leave to enter the United Kingdom] is justified on grounds of restricted return ability; on medical grounds; on grounds of criminal record; because the person seeking leave to enter is the subject of a deportation order or because exclusion would be conducive to the public good.

This does not mean that they will deny you permission to enter; just that they can. If I were you, I would check with the British Consulate before going over there. Also, they can refuse you for lying on your application, so I would tell the truth about everything. You’re more likely to get in that way, despite your record. I would think permission would also depend on the nature of your offense.

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