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Ladies, what constitutes an attractive scent on a guy?

Asked by kevbo (25649points) August 17th, 2010

Inspired by this question it seems that scent plays a big role in female attraction to males, but what does that mean exactly? Natural? Decent cologne? What’s the range of desirable male scents?

Is this why my gf is always buying me cologne? Does that mean I should start wearing it? ;-)

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Both. Some men have a very attractive natural scent. But you have to be pretty close to smell it, so that defeats the chances of it being a cause for attraction. Unless by some fluke incident you are pushed very close together.
Nice cologne is awesome. It just amplifies your natural tones. Women are more sensitive to these types of scents than men.

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Personally, I hate smelly guy colognes. My ex-girlfriend used to wear them and they gave me a headache. Most ladies perfumes I like, though.

As far as the fellas, freshly showered is nice. Sounds odd, but, Baby Lotion (in the pink bottle) smells great on a guy (after his shower). It’s a light scent, but, nice. This goes for a lady, as well. I tend to slather it on after a scrub.

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@jjmah good call, I lurrrve baby lotion.

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I like the natural smells of my husband the best. It’s hard to describe them. He doesn’t wear cologne. I also like the smell of his shampoo and deodorant.

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This is such esoteric revelation. How did I miss this little lesson? Please continue.

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I agree with @Seaofclouds. A heavily scented guy is a big turnoff for me.

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I like a light scent on a guy, nothing overpowering. I love a good cologne as opposed to no scent or sweat. Yes @kevbo, wear the cologne your lady buys you.

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Yeah, him. His natural scent.

You know how the smell of carrots gently picks Bugs Bunny off the ground, caressing his face, its waft carrying him straight to the carrots? That. I had a bf at one time whose natural scent was pretty much like that to me.

I’m not one for perfumes or colognes on a guy, no matter how the ad people have been using Isiah Mustafa’s looks to convince me otherwise.

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Definitely once I am with someone, it is the natural scent that keeps my interest. I know so many women that have curled up with their s/o’s worn shirt or hat just because it smells like him.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I’m one of those women. I slept in one of my husband’s t-shirts for the first month he was gone. I was really sad when it lost his scent.

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My girlfriend sleeps with my robe (holds it), when I’m not there. It’s because it has my natural scent on it. she’d kill me if she knew that I said that.

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I’m guilty of it, too. I love to bury my face in a shirt my husband has just taken off to go in the wash. It’s almost like some sort of high you get from that scent. No?

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Natural scents, indeed.

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I agree with all the above answers. Just avoid cheap deodorants and body sprays, they smell disgusting.

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Please don’t use AXE.

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I don’t like Old spice.

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@jjmah My point exactly. Horrible stuff isn’t it? Though we call it ‘Lynx’ in the UK. To quote Andy Parsons: “Lynx: for that cheap, teenage smell of desperation”

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clean….... mmmm. Or clean laundry smelling, but definitely clean.

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Fresh ,sweaty, working with wood outdoors natural scent. Makes me all swoony.

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bath soap, shampoo.

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My boyfriend smells lightly of cigarettes and copper. I miss that smell. (The copper smell was from his dorm at school, when we got home it went away). Then he went away. Sad :(

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Who remembers Brut? Or Hai Karate? :) lol

The best scent on a man? Freshly starched laundered shirts and his scent after sex.

(But not after hockey, trust me.)

After that…

I don’t like overpowering colognes on men. But I do like colognes. They can be a powerful aphrodisiac or a complete turn-off. You have to choose the right ones. The worst scents are cheap colognes or colognes that were given to a guy in 1985 and they have “turned” or gone sour and they are acrid and metallic smelling now. (Oh, you know, it’s that dusty bottle you keep on the windowsill for a special occasion? Yesssssss??? Thought so.)

DR’s suggestions for Men’s Cologne Wearing/Storing/Selection:

1. Never put your bottles on a windowsill, it damages the scent.
2. Please, no more “Jean Paul Gaultier” in the male-shaped bottle (Le Male)!
3. No more “Cool Water” by Davidoff….please. That cool was hot, but not anymore.
4 Do not let your scent arrive one full minute before you do. Take it easy with the spray.
5. Never substitute cologne for a shower.
6. When you get a new girlfriend, get a new cologne.
7. When you get a new girlfriend, don’t get her the same perfume you bought your ex-girlfriend (or your sister, either.) Ask the perfumistas on the Fluther, they will provide you with suggestions.
8. Colognes (and perfumes) react to your own chemistry. What smells great on David Beckham may not smell great on you. So test it on a strip first. If you like it, try it on your
wrist and walk around for about 15 minutes, then check to see if you still like it.
9.A celebrity or designer name on a cologne does not always guarantee a great smelling scent. (In other words, you may love Armani suits, and his cologne may be expensive, but it may not be to your liking/chemistry.)
10. When in doubt….less scent is always more.

DR’s current masculine favorites: Rose d’Homme (by Parfums de Rosine, Paris) RSVP by Kenneth Cole, New York), Eau de Guerlain (by Guerlain, Paris), Timbuktu (by L’Artisan Perfumeur), Beyond Paradise (by Estee Lauder, New York) New York (Parfums de Nicolai, Paris) Dior Homme (by Dior, Paris). And there is a much older men’s scent that still holds its own among the newbies and that is Geoffrey Beene’s “Grey Flannel”. Inexpensive (compared to the others) but a classic, nonetheless.

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I’d like to add Armani’s Acqua Di Gio to that list, personally. Good list.

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@TheOnlyNeffie….Yes, that is a really nice one! I agree.

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Ohhh, it’s so hard to describe!
I only like certain smells, certain body washes/colognes. I can’t stand things that burn my nose (which unfortunately my husband likes to use as a body wash). It’s that…whiff of them when they just smell good Ah, I wish I had a better response, something more specific but it totally varies!

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The smell of freshly laundered clothes and clean skin/hair when I am close to a man, although I do prefer his own scent vs. one from a bottle.

The only cologne I’ve ever liked was Polo. A guy at work used to wear it. The job was not a pleasant one, and while constantly busy, we looked forward to the end of our shift at 11pm. When the guy showed up for work to take over, we couldn’t see him walk in, but the scent of Polo would waft our way. Call it Pavlov’s Theory.

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Definitely not anything sold in a bottle or spray can… give me a naturally scented man anytime!

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One that makes me take a step forward rather than backward.

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@TheOnlyNeffie You make me want to go smell my husband dirty shirts. I find that funny. My husband uses Irish spring. Hmm.

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Oh man, there’s nothing better than a man who smells good. Something about Febreze and or/soap smell…or really subtle cologne. Meow!
If I smell vanilla and tobacco on a man, it always makes me think of my grandpa and I instantly fall in love. :)

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Different scents appeal to different women. Good job too.

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My husband smells sexiest when he’s freshly showered and sprays half a squirt of Beckham on his neck. I tend to bite him a lot at those times…

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@Frenchfry my husband uses Irish Spring, too )

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@DarlingRhadamanthus BLV II by Bvlgari is fantastic. I get complimented constantly when I wear it.

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