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Do you ever get "stuck" at the computer?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) August 17th, 2010

I have been sitting at my computer almost non stop for over 2 days now.
I feel like such a lazy lazy bum.

Does everyone get like this sometimes?

I keep justifying myself by saying that I did a ton of deep cleaning this weekend and past week.. but I still feel like a bum.

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It can be addicitive

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I just won the skin diver award. Yes. Very.

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All the time. I’ll get online to wait for my husband to get online so we can talk. Then we’ll talk and I’ll keep telling myself to go do something else but I keep finding things online to keep me sucked in (like Fluther).

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This happens to me very, very often! Thank goodness my wife will come rescue me when I clearly need it!

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Not going to happen with me even if I wanted to, the kids will see to that. In demand Dad & loving it!! What I will say though is that time on the computer absolutely flies by.

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I am back for my third round today.

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In the months after Meg died, I would sometimes spend 12 hours or more daily staring at this screen. A good way to avoid real life. I’m down to only a few hours spread throughout the day now since I have a life again.

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I used to… now I lie down every half-hour and do something else.

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I used to when I had a job.

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All the time on fluther and facebook lol

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I’ve done that on occasion and it has always been necessary each and every time. Or so I convince myself into believing that.

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I was fine til Katawagrey sucked me in here… Don’t know whether to bless or curse her for that!

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My options are limited. Cannot play golf until after surgery. TV is about re-runs. Plus, enjoy Fluther. So, my answer is yes also. i do play to pass the time!

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I am bumming too.

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Unplug your computer and close the door to the room where it is located. Stay away from it for several days. When you go back to it, set a timer so you don’t stay over a couple of hours. To sit there for over two days is troubling; I think you know that.

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Yes i do sometimes, so i when i don’t want to get stuck there, i make myself not sit down in front of it in the first place. And sometimes i force myself to just leave, hehe. Althgough that’s easier said than done when you’re in the middle of an engaging conversation…
Anyway, i try to make a point of not spending too much time farting around on the computer, i have plenty of other stuff that i want and need to have done. :)

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How do you think I got to be the Community Manager? I practically live at my desk. ;)

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Well, today there will be nothing else to do…but, on the p/c! Rain, rain, and more rain!

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Yes I spend time on my computer each day…. mostly work related, ... then I spend time on Fluther of course! A good combination I think.

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