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When was the last time you went to a drive in movie?

Asked by BratLady (998points) August 17th, 2010

All the ones is my area are long gone.

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I loved the days when we loaded up the truck with our kids and the neighborhood kids; popped several bags of popcorn and took our own drinks. We spread out blankets and the kids had a ball. Great family entertainment for $5.00 a car load.

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I took my son to this one about 4 years or so ago. It ended up closing down in 2008. It was so much better than going to the regular movie theater. They always had double features and had the newer movies within a week or two of them coming out. I wish there was one in this area for us to go to.

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About 40 years ago…Ah, Youth!

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loll…well, it was approx. 1958. Give or take a year!

uh, did anyone ever get in the trunk? naw…no one here would do that!

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We thought it was STEALING to hide in a trunk!! Never did it. lol

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@Aster yeah, right…loll

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I mean it. Really. I know some other guys did it, though.

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1971. “McCabe and Mrs. Miller” with Julie Christie and Warren Beatty. Terrible movie.

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@Aster when i did it, too young to be accountable for my actions! Actually, think it was an aunt who lead me into crime. I was either 10 or 11 years old.

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All I really remember was that case of beer. Ohhhh what fun!!! lol
ok; it isn’t all I remember…..

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@Aster loll..ummm…ummmm…ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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krazee daze, really insane. haha

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only the shadow knows!

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Mom listened to that on the radio . beddie bye…

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good nite MsA!

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I think if there were ever drive in movies in my area they were long gone by the time I was born, but I do enjoy going to open air movies in the summer.

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Whenever Mission Impossible 1 came out

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In 1986 ,I think I am not good at date.. A town I lived in had one. seriously. It was hung out by all the teenagers.We used to drink beer there. I don’t ever remember the movie.

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I’m English, so the nearest i’m going to get to watching a drive in movie would be if a truck full of dvd’s crashed through my living room window!! Would be realistic at least, sort of an action movie with a twist.

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So long ago that I don’t even remember the last time.

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I’m from the UK so never experienced that ever. Sounds great though on a nice summers nice with friends. I can move country!

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I am going to one this weekend :))

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@lucillelucillelucille Give us your critique next week!

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We’ve found them occasionally in out-of-the way vacation spots and always try to go. We’ve to ones in New Hampshire, New York state and the mountains of NJ. The last time was probably about 8 years ago. We’ve always seen the worst movie like The Rocketeer and Waterworld but still love the experience.

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1973 in Grand Rapids, MI. I would have been ~4. I don’t remember what the movie was.

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About 15 years ago in southern CA. I don’t even know if there are any left. I love it. When I was in high school my friends and I would go. We could be as loud as we wanted. Later they were great with small kids. We would get a pizza, some wine and watch a double feature while the baby slept in the back seat.

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I don’t think they ever existed at all in the UK.

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