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What was your first car?

Asked by BratLady (998points) August 17th, 2010

Mine was a 1963 Chevy 2 door hardtop. Wish I still had it.

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Chevy Lumina.. I forget what year, maybe 1990.

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Little tikes barbie mobile that was electric ;)

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1976 AMC Hornet. Good little car. and yes, it was Green

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1986 Dodge Lancer

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Mark 1 Ford Fiesta – UK

The link is a left hand drive. Mine was a 1982 right hand drive, a right old heap and bloody brilliant :-)

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1976 AMC Gremlin Blue with white hockey stick stripe.
Ran for 9 years and then died.
Came with 5 year covered everything warrantee that included regular maintenance.

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ipso~ my youngest son wants a 1973 bug bad.

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@Dr_Lawrence : Let’s hear it for the much maligned 70s AMC line!

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@chyna : Damn, you were much cooler than me!

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@JilltheTooth I know. Ha ha. My second car was much cooler.

silver convertible MGB (This one is green, couldn’t find a silver one.)

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1996 Brown Chevy Blazer, I got it when I was 18, I loved that car. I called it “lil brown” (I name all my cars).

I had put 2 15 Inch subwoofers in the back and completely replaced all the door speakers. Great car to have when I was in my late teens.

But…the AC or Heater did not work, and I live in Las Vegas. I ended up cracking the block because, if I remember correctly, some type of water or coolant line broke.

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Nice cars @chyna. My second car was my favorite. I had a 1983 Datsun 280ZX with t-tops. I loved that car so much. I would have kept it forever if it hadn’t caught fire while I was driving down the road.

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a 1971 volvo. if i had known better, i would have gotten my grandmother’s ‘75 chevy nova for nothing. a classic model that could be in my garage as a showpiece, but i was young and dumb.

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@Seaofclouds Beautiful car. My MGB caught on fire while I was driving it also. The mailman pulled me out of it. Faulty wiring.

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VW Beetle. The old Beetle.

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My first one, a Ford Escort
My favorite, an Alfa Romeo 33 QV

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Wow, @chyna, what a beauties!

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@rebbel A mark 1 Ford Escort, now that’s cool! My friend has one which he uses for competitive rally driving.

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The things are hard to kill, i know, you still see them occasionally (here in Holland any way).
Compared to modern day cars they were quite Spartan though.

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@rebbel Yes very spartan indeed, unlike my second beauty. The MG Maestro

It had a talking computer which for 1983 was very futuristic.

I remember buying mine second hand and the garage needed to do some work on it before I could buy it.

I remember sitting in it to see what it was like and as I turned the ignition key an electronic woman’s voice says “Warning, low fuel. Warning engine in need of service. Warning brakes in need of service. Please fasten your seatbelt” I swear to god, like I was going to drive it in that state :-)

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Mine was a used ‘50 Buick. My dad bought it for me when I got my drivers license. Ugliest damn thing you ever saw. It was blue, looked and drove like a tank. Stick shift, dashboard and protruding dash and radio knobs made out of steel! I had to pay for gas, of course, which at the time was running around 17–18 cents a gallon. *sigh*

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2007 Audi A6. I still have it of course. It’s a great car. :)

bob_ knows what I’m talkin’ about… ;)

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66 Mustang, still running like a charm.

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@BratLady – that Super Beetle was a great little car. However, I always wished my first car was my girlfriend’s best friend’s car, a 1968 Karmann Ghia cabriolet.

@JilltheTooth – technically my first car was a Hot Wheels. My absolute favorite of which was the AMC 1969 Custom AMX Redline , Magenta

The first car I purchased (that was not a family hand-me-down special deal) was a 1993 Mustang 5.0 LX convertible. Something special was in the one. Torque monster – but with possibly the worst fading red paint in the history of Detroit. It was stolen twice, both times found stripped.

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1969 AMC Javelin link

My dad gave it to me. And my sister wrecked it.

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1953 Buick Roadmaster four door hardtop, three tone green paint job. First Detroit hot wheels.

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1968 Chevy Impala! Teel blue with a black vinyl top. It was my senior year in college and bought it new. It cost $3300. Can tell visualize how i felt that day!

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A used and very dented 1946 Dodge. My grandfather was in the auto wrecking business and unwrecked this for me when I was 16.

It was so dirty that I threw a large piece of yellow canvas over the seats. But still, I was thrilled to be independent.

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Never bought one. @BoBo1946 sounds very nice, boo.

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ok; I helped to buy a 1964 Checker Marathon . Beat that one. Small inheritance, ex husband grabbed it.

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The bank allowed me to defer my payment until i went to work in Sept. It was my hometown and took a job teaching and coaching at the school that i graduated from 4 years earlier. All though high school and college, i walked…or usually ran dribbling a basketball.

Never will forget my father in law saying, “don’t you know anything about a car?” My answer was, “how could i, never had one before this one!”

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A brand new Ford Pinto—I loved that car!!!

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1990 Honda CRX.

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Monte Carlo ss. I loved it too.

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@BoBo1946 That was sister’s first car and my grandma gave it to her nice.

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A 1994 second hand red Nissan Sentra that my dad bought for me when i got my law degree. I wish i still had it too. :(

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@Frenchfry nice….real nice!

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A white rover metro called Dolly!

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1949 Plymouth Belvedere, 4-door, color grey. bought it from my aunt for $300 dollars.

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A 1972 Triumph TC

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A hand-me-down 1975 (or thereabouts) Chevette that my parents gave me. I’m really glad I had no experience with anything other than a crap car, because if I had known anything, I doubt I could have stood another second in that car. Amazingly, it lived until it died. I got my first new car after that, and I will do nothing but new cars (if I can afford them) from now on. I spent too many hours ogling the calendars in repair shops during the time I owned that Chevette! Never again!

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1958 Beetle. Didn’t even have a gas gauge but it was indestructible.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land: My second car was a blue 1957 Beetle. I ran out of gas often because I forgot that I had clicked on the reserve 1 gallon tank. Loved that car.

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edit: I think that blue was the only available color in the summer of ‘57. My husband and I bought that car in Germany on our honeymoon, drove it around for two months and then had it shipped to Boston. Still really cheap.

I used it to commute during my final year of college; we were able to squish five of us in the car.

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@gailcalled It was easier to work on the engine out of the car, good thing it only took 30 minutes to remove it.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land: As I recall, you could (with a friend) carry the whole car into your garage.

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@gailcalled My mother had a Morris Minor. Some of her students would pick up her car and put it in unlikely places.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land: Lovely. Where, for example?

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

The front hallway of the Admin Building.

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Did your mother think that was funny? I do.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

She laughed.The school had to hire a crane to get it out though.

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