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All of a sudden, the sound on my computer has stopped working? Any ideas?

Asked by answerjill (6183points) August 17th, 2010

Nothing comes out of the speakers nor headphones. The mute box isn’t checked. Thanks..

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Did you try down on the right corner, do you have little icons where you can check to see if it is on mute.

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Is it a MacBook Duo Core? Wouldn’t that information have been helpful to provide in your details? If it is, it might be related to:

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You could have the volume turned all the way down.

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@frdelrosario – More info: PC, Windows 7. @JLeslie – Yes, not on mute, thanks.

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@Dr_Lawrence – volume is up, thanks!

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Did you try restarting?

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My volume has bunches of trouble too. Is your computer a Dell?

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Did you check the power cords and the speaker wires? If they are ok, try turning the speakers on an off.

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@WestRiverrat – the speakers are internal, @JLeslie – nope.

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Go to Computer > Properties > Device Manager > Sound,video and game controllers

Notice any yellow exclamation marks or anything missing? Also try updating the drivers currently there or disabling and re-enabling them.

Tell me if you see something or it does anything?

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More info: I appear to have a teach dw 225 driver for sound.

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@answerjill Try going where @JLeslie If you right click that icon it should bring up a list, choose “Playback Devices” look for a button to set everything back to default.

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@Steve_A – Thanks, but I am having trouble finding the list for playback devices..

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@Steve_A Would that be listed under drivers?

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@answerjill Ah hm, I don’t have Windows 7 yet but it can’t be that different I hope hah….Try going to “Control Panel” and look for “Sound”

Were you able to find it?


Have you installed anything sound related like a recording device or the such?

Have you tried using head phones to see if you get any sound?

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