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What are some ideas for a truck interior color scheme?

Asked by Enforcer (281points) August 17th, 2010

Hey guys. I’m getting my Dakota re-painted light blue (this color
I have the somewhat ugly stock grey interior with a shot carpet and I feel now might be the time to paint it, so I’m asking you guys to help me with a color scheme.

First off. The carpet. Do you suggest keeping it grey or changing the color. Either way I am going to be re-doing it. Do you guys suggest Rustolem interior and vinyl paint or dye? I have seen the paint come out to be really good. I found some dye for cheap though

Secondly the seats. Color ideas?

Thirdly the dash and all panels. Any ideas on colors. I also do not have a spray gun. Are the made for plastic spray paints\primers any good with the appropriate prep work or will they peel and flake. I want to do this GOOD so I do not have to pull the dash again.

I was thinking of blacking out the interior, but that would get really hot and all black is just boring.

White sounds good but would get dirty fast.

Tan…. hmm, but I don’t just want one single color.

Throw me some ideas or show me some pictures of your custom interior trucks!!


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How about a black dash, grey side panels, grey carpets and grey/black seats?

Dye is pretty hard to do on your own if you haven’t been doing it for a while.
It can come out pretty streaky.

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I was going to suggest having the seats reupholstered in a black and blue plaid. I had a Ford Maverick with seats like that, and they were pretty cool looking.

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Nice truck! It looks very sporty. Maybe you can negotiate with the people who are going to paint the exterior of your truck to also paint the inside. They are sure to have some great ideas. You want the interior to great so just spend the extra money and get a professional to do the job.

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With that particular blue, I’d go with mostly a dark charcoal gray. Accented with either black or a lighter gray.

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Scarlet and gray. Go Buckeyes!

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Really medium/light gray would be great. Accented with some black and some blue the same color as the body paint.

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