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Where can you buy carob chips in bulk in San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4083points) August 17th, 2010

Rainbow Grocery stopped selling carob chips in the bulk bins – woe! You can still buy them in a package – but it’s more than $5 for a package and they don’t taste as good as the ones from the bulk bins. Are there other hippie stores or co-ops in San Francisco that sell bulk carob chips? Does Whole Foods sell them? If there are any other carob chip fans out there please let me know (and for those of you who are getting ready to comment about how carob is a poor substitute for chocolate, I like chocolate too – carob has a completely different taste which I also quite enjoy).

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Maybe at Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley?

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Contact the manufacturer that is listed on the package.

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You might try the church street Safeway—they have a really big bulk section. Maybe Golden?

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Whole Foods! check their bulk foods aisle.

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Rainbow Grocery

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