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The person i'm talking to blocked me on Facebook and said they don't have one, should I mention it?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) August 18th, 2010

I have been talking to this person for over 4 months and they told me they don’t have a facebook. I have two facebooks, one for family and one for friends. I have tried to search this persons name on my most used account and it appeared as though they do not exist so I said whatever. Then weeks later I tried again on my other account and do have one! I was really shocked because we are very close and I can’t imagine why he would block me. Should I ask him again if he has one and if he says no call him out on it or will I just seem weird? I don’t so much care about Facebook at all really, it’s the sneaky lie that bothers me. I wouldn’t expect him to do something like that and even worse that he obviously thought he blocked me….

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He doesn’t sound like he’s a very truthful person. You could call him out on it, but what would stop him from lying to you when you ask him? I would just avoid him for a bit and not bring it up. Sorry that he did that. :/

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Well my thought was maybe he just has it for family cause I see all his family is on it, so maybe he doesnt want to mix his personal relationships in it, especially since his father is very against his relations. I was thinking about asking him if he made one yet and if he said no then just being like…well I kinda stumbled across it…. not a huge deal…but why did you lie

Bad approach?

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I’m not sure what confronting them would accomplish. It doesn’t change anything. It just puts them on the spot and makes you look like a needy dick.

There is probably a very good reason that they blocked you. Or in the two weeks between you checking their profile the privacy settings were changed. Did you try checking with the account that is blocked again?

I don’t really see anything good coming out of confronting them.

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I did try and check the blocked account again and I am still blocked on it. Just does not make sense to me. I don’t want to confront them and kinda wish I never figured this out but I did by mistake in a way. I am not sure how I can trust what he says from now on…we are really close and this kind of just throws me off…makes me wonder what else he hides or will hide in the future. I realize Facebook isn’t life and certainly isn’t a big deal but it is a long distance relationship…so maybe he doesn’t want me to see something….don’t know where he would find the time but still…

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Considering it’s a long distance relationship, I think you have a right to ask. Just make sure you don’t blow it out of proportion. If he lies when you ask, I think your approach is a good one, and just ask him why he did lie – then take it from there.

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It’s likely that he uses the account for a specific purpose, and it’s not just you that is blocked. I would take it as a sign that you are not in a real relationship with this person, but are someone he talks to. He keeps his online life and his daily life separate.

If you have two separate Facebook accounts, you are, in essence maintaining a dual online existences.

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Just stop talking to him. He’s already lying to you. Raise your standards for friends, online or not.

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Why don’t you “friend” somebody in the flesh whom you can talk to person to person?

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I confronted him and he said that he disabled the account because he didn’t like it…i dunno though…I never did the long distance thing before so this is kinda new to me and normally i would never waste my time on this but aside from this things couldn’t be more perfect.

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He disabled it when? After you found out he had it? Seems like major red flags to me.

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he still doesnt know I know he has one…i didn’t say anything yet….I just said ‘Hey I know you said you didn’t have facebook but did you ever end up making one yet?” and he said “Yes but I disabled it” and I said “why” and he said “because I didnt like it that much” but I saw he just used it on Monday because he left his sister a comment soooo thats only 2 days ago…I don’t know if I should say anything or not…even if it is nothing…he should just tell me whatever it is I think

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@jm5225 Still say there are major red flags in terms of the relationship. He’s obviously not being honest.

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Well i confronted him and I expected an angry or OMG you weirdo reaction and he actually felt really embarrassed and said he is surprised I still want to talk to him. Basically his story goes as so…He had a facebook which he signed up for a long time ago and did not use. There was a brief time we stopped talking and when we did he reactivated it to talk to his sister cause he was kicked out of his house. He didn’t want me to think he lied about things so he just blocked me when we stopped talking and now he turned it off again but forgot he even had me blocked…im not sure I buy it but I can’t really prove him wrong…so who knows…

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