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Is it abnormal to find teens liking the same gender at the ages between 13-16?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) August 18th, 2010

Okay just wondering…I’m not attracted to the same gender that much. But I mean is it abnormal for that age at all? I mean I know furries that are maybe 15,14 and 16 they are between Bi and gay. But the the thing is the lower the less the higher the more. I’m not judging it I’m just wondering if it’s not normal or not, I mean after all I’m unsure.

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I honestly went through a phase like that. I was teased about not having a boyfriend at that age and I really did question if I was gay or not. I finally figured out that I like boys. It’s a very normal thing to go through. I never mentioned it to anyone because I was embarrassed. :/

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I think for alot of people that is when they start to discover there sexuality. Could just be curiosity or they might just be realizing what they like. I don’t think it is strange though, if someone is gay or bi…I believe that is just how they have been since they were young but growing up and becoming sexual and mature is when it begins to show…just like straight people. Only difference is alot of gay/lesbian/bisexual people tend to hide it in fear.

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I’m not sure I quite understand your question, but it’s not abnormal because this is when people go through puberty and begin to discover their sexuality, straight or not. It’s also the time when people who may have been previously confident in their sexuality are now beginning to question it.

Those ages were crucial in my realization of my homosexuality. Of course, I didn’t have a questioning phase. I was always attracted to the same gender ever since I felt sexual attraction. What changed was my willingness to admit it.

As for the whole “you’re too young to know you’re gay”, that’s bullcrap. If a person can know they’re straight at that age, then there’s no reason why a person couldn’t know they’re gay at that age as well.

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I’ve noticed that with my daughter’s friends at that age, a certain portion of the artsy, creative, hipster girls seem go through that phase, as an expression of countercultural thinking.

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In my experience there are people right around that age that “experiment” or go through “gay/bi-phase.” This is not to say that I think homosexuality is in any way not a natural thing, but I’ve seen people who were still young and figuring out their identity go through a phase where they thought they were gay/bi but then turned out not to be.

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Not mainstream after 13, I don’t think, but I bet I’ll be outnumbered.

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I think it’s fairly common for young teens to get “crushes” on the same sex even if they don’t turn out to be gay in the long run. I know I certainly did although nowadays I consider myself to be bisexual.

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I’ll stick to my own experience since I have no scientific studies to back me up. The truth for me was that I knew for certain that I was different by the time I was 9. I just didn’t know how.

In junior high school I began to realize that I was attracted to the same sex in ways that the other boys were attracted to girls.

And in high school, I simply knew that I was gay. Growing up in the small Southern US town that I did, this knowledge scared the hell out of me. It scared me so much and I was so scarred by my fundamentalist Christian upbringing that I stayed closeted for another 20 years.

To answer your question about whether it’s common, I don’t really know. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that for me it was completely natural.

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It’s an early sign of homosexuality.

Is it normal? Sure it is, there are plenty of queers out there my friend… there are even queers that walk among you.

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Maybe if briefly at 11–13 is normal. Briefly. Like for an hour.

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