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Have you ever been flashed by a total stranger?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 18th, 2010

I have been three times. flashed (showing their privates) in my life. Once when I was kid on my way to school. One time when my friend and I was at a stop light and the last time I was walking to work . Has it ever happened to you? Why do people get such a thing?

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i’ve never experienced this! seems strange that you’ve had it happen three times, is there a nudist colony nearby?!lol.
From what i’ve heard and generally know, it seems that (unfortunately) the majority of flashers are just dirty old men with a few rather odd fetishes! you never see a 20 year old girl randomly flashing unless it’s on Jerry Springer or spring break!

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@lewispratt Well I have live in many, many places. Twice it was in ND, Watch out for ND. I guess! hahaha

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Yes, it’s happened to me a few times. There are people who just fall under the weirdo category.

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Been flashed (boobs) by a group of girls in a car going by the car I was in with my friends on Highway 101.

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Yeah a few times usually on a Saturday night. About as stimulating as looking at a set of spoons. I mean I love a nice firm pert breast but I mean come on, put em away.

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Three times in one summer, when I was a teen. Three different men. It wasn’t the greatest neighborhood, as you can imagine. The scariest time was when a guy was flashing my friend and I from the apartment across from the one we were in. Being giggly teenage girls, we kept peeking through the blinds. Apparently, he took this as an invitation because the next thing we knew, he was knocking on the apartment door. Completely nude. When we didn’t open the door, he began pounding on it and screaming “Let me in! I know you want me!”. No adults were with us… we were babysitting a toddler. The cops came, found him outside, still naked.

The other two instances, I was with the same friend when we happened upon a naked man smoking a cigarette in the woods and a half naked man, jacking off in a clearing. Lovely. ~

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A lot. The most fun ones are on the road and nothing is better that T’s & A’s squished on a car window!! Guys flashing their junk is no fun for me as are those trench coat naked underneath weirdos I have seen a few times in my life.

Overall I say flash it if you got it…there needs to be more excitement in the world!!

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He wasn’t a stranger, but a buddy from work. He and I were talking about his “fun-o-meter” he had on his penis. I walked off and told him was just BSing me. A few days later he whipped it out right at my desk. I was shocked, but I found it funny. I was flashed once by a stranger on the street though, but I thought I’d share the other story with you though.

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A girl flashed her boobs at me when I was walking through a parking lot. She was with her (I’m guessing) boyfriend.

But… I’m one of those guys that think equality for the sexes is ok. If men can walk around without a shirt on then women should be able to, also.

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No, dammit, and not even by total friends.

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@Austinlad don’t despair. When we meet up for lunch maybe I’ll give ya a flash.

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A fair few times in my years. I remember when i was a college there was a memo going round about some old man at the bus stop who was supposedly flashing everyone who went past. I was one of the unlucky ones who experienced his ‘nasties’. Nights out too i’ve had guys flash, so sad, can’t look yet can’t look away hehe :)

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@mrentropy, well, I was hoping my first time would be a woman. Maybe we could leave it at emailing. ;-)

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@Austinlad I can’t fault you for that.

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More than enough.
Some times have been funny,but mostly…not.

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Yes, at gay pride. The ladies were lifting up their shirts at night when we were walking about on Church Street (gay community) in Toronto.

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Yes…while driving through the tunnel from Detroit to Canada. A car going the other way had asses galore hanging out the windows. Tooo funny!

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Not when I was old enough to appreciate it. Darn! Why can’t we old broads get a thrill once in a while?

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Ohh mardi gras..

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