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What to do with old IPhone?

Asked by lewispratt (213points) August 18th, 2010

I’ve recently upgraded my IPhone so now have my IPhone 2g spare. I can’t bring myself to sell it because i know how useful these phones can be and i’m not desperate for the money!
Any suggestions/creative ideas on ways of getting good usage out of an extra IPhone?

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Craigslist or one of many used phone sites. In any case, You won’t get much for it.

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@johnpowell‘s tip is a good one. Also, now that you’re not relying on it as a phone, you can do some cool new things by jailbreaking it.

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Decoy phone when you travel. Keep it in your pocket and f you get robbed, give the dirty rat the old iphone to satisfy his thirst for stolen goods and Apple technology.

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I like @johnpowell‘s suggestion as even the 2nd-gen iPhone is good enough that you wouldn’t want to do what I did with my old Motorola c261; I use it solely as a bedside alarm clock.

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