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Is there anything that when you pass by it or see it, you just have to either touch, sniff, feel or hold it?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4937points) August 18th, 2010

Like sniffing scented candles in a store, touching a puppy’s or cat’s nose, feeling a material that looks uber soft and silky, sniffing your food…whatever!

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Scented soap. I sniff, then usually buy. I have enough to stay clean for a decade.

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Cats! I like to rough ‘em up! Not really.I like to pet them ;)

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A kitten or puppy.

And an enchilada.

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Flowers. I have to stop and smell them and just study them visually.

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Freshly bakes goods, like bread,scones,buns etc…the smell drives me nuts.

I have a thing about smelling dogs ears when i pet them…..haha

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Soap, smelly candles, pet/pickup kitties, pet/pick puppies, cats, dogs, and my girlfriend (touch and hold).

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Holding a woman in your arms and smelling her hair or the base of the neck is a pretty special thing. Or babies smell pretty special, but if you’re a middle aged male and you go around smelling babies at random the perv squad will come for your ass, so be careful with that.

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Oh hello, grrrrrrrr ;¬}

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Roses, puppies, candles.

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A bar of gold. but, Fort Knox has other ideas.

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When I cuddle one of my dogs I have to sniff the tops of their head is that weird?

Berserker's avatar

Pillows and cushions.

People rarely invite me over.

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I could spend hours in candle aisle. Sniffing candles. I love candles.

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I have to sniff anything cinnamon. Love the scent.
You didn’t say ‘pinch or grab’. I like grabbing hubby’s behind. I’m bad.

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@BratLady Bratlady. ! You Frisky lady you!

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I love the smell of coffee and I need to push buttons,you know, in museums etc

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