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When riding a horse, do you hum old western theme tunes that add to the sense of fun?

Asked by ucme (50037points) August 18th, 2010

I know I do. The Magnificent Seven being a particular favourite of mine. Oh & not forgetting Mister Ed of course. At this point I feel it relevant to point out that I am to horse riding what Sarah Palin is to mensa, i.e totally out of my depth. I do ride occasionally when I pluck up the courage but I only go to approved riding stables with friends. Even then if my mount so much as threatens to break into a trot….well let’s just say the only thing keeping me on board are my tightly clenched buttcheeks XD. So yeah anyway where was I, oh yeah. Heroic theme tune humming makes you feel awesome. Kind of like Randolph Scott’s bitch in many ways ;¬}

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Tumbleweed, okaaaaay that’ll be just me then. Hi ho Silver & away!!!!

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I rode and had horses for years, but no, no western tunes.

I’m a rock-n-roller.

I used to sing old Moody Blues when riding to the lake years ago.

‘In and around the lake, mountains come out of the sky and they stand there…..”

I did talk to my horse a lot, good company!

Nothing like hittn’ the trails just you and your trusty steed. ;-)

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@Coloma Thanks for answering, not exactly crowded in here :¬D Just a bit of fun, probably hides the fear felt inside a little.I mean you’re so high up on those things ;¬}

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LOL…yes, it’s a long way down!

I have a shoulder that’s pinned into the socket from launching off a horsey rocket! haha

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The last time I was on a horse, it was with 2 other friends, and we were in San Fransisco. Since we were inexperienced, the company assigned us with horses that just plodded along. I started humming, “Happy Trails”, and soon we were all belting it out.

My SO and I were in Rome earlier this year, and for a week, we couldn’t stop humming and singing “That’s Amore”.

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Haha…can’t say I do but when galloping across a field I do sometimes pretend I am the front runner at the Grand National!

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I hum Star Wars theme songs.
Galloping to the Imperial march is so fierce..

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See I like to think it helps me, at least in my mind, feel like a tough cowboy like a modern day Clint Eastwood. Alas everyone watching including the horse no doubt knows the harsh truth. On a horse I look like a big dopey sissy with feathers in my knickers. Bobbing up & down as if my arse was on fire. Oh well keep on trying…....;¬}

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I’ve never ridden a horse, but if I ever do be assured that I shall hum the tune “Rawhide”.

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One my most embaressing thing happened on a horse. I have never ridden a horse since. I would whistle the Good and the Bad, and the Ugly song.

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“I’m Just a Poor, Wayfaring Stranger” : Horse likes it.

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